Authorized Dealer

Discount Two-Way Radio is the exclusive North American Distributor for the legendary electronics company, RCA Communications Systems. As the exclusive dealer of professional grade RCA two-way radio equipment, Discount Two-Way Radio can provide our customers amazing products, service, and support for their two-way radio equipment. Specifically, our customers enjoy great advantages in four key areas:

  1. Best Quality and Variety of Two-Way Radio Equipment – Because we work directly with authorized RCA manufacturers, Discount Two-Way Radio is put to the front of the line when it comes to the latest equipment and being able to provide input into the features, materials, and specifications of all RCA two-way radio equipment
  2. Best Direct Manufacturing Pricing – Discount Two-Way Radio is the largest distributor for RCA professional two-way radio equipment anywhere in the world! Because of this, we can leverage our position for maximum buying power. This also means that we can pass these discounted prices along to our customers, ensuring we will always be more competitive than other two-way radio dealers.
  3. Best Factory Trained Technicians – Two-way radios are tools that are exposed to harsh working environments and abusive users. That’s why we make sure all our repair technicians are factory tested and certified so they can provide our customers the very latest repair techniques at the fastest turnaround times.
  4. Most Knowledgeable Factory Trained Sales Professionals –

Discount Two-Way Radio has the most knowledgeable sales representatives in the industry. They are experts at diagnosing, advising, and educating our customers. Plus, because they are authorized RCA Certified Sales Representatives, they pride themselves on only selling equipment that is necessary to their customers rather than what needs to be sold because it is over-stocked. Plus, our Sales Representatives believe in providing “Concierge” level of service for every customer they encounter.