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In addition to offering our customers the lowest prices on all two-way radio equipment, Discount Two-Way Radio buys all its radios, batteries, and accessories in large quantities, allowing us to have one of the best stocked and hyper efficient two-way radio warehouses in the nation. Chances are if you need a replacement battery, an expanded radio fleet, or an entirely new communications system, we have the necessary equipment in stock, carefully itemized and ready to ship to you the same day you order it. Whether you need six more of our popular RDR2500 two-way radios, or the hard to find Intrinsically Safe RDR4360, or even replacement batteries for your model of two-way radio, we’ve got it in stock.

For our customers, maintaining a large inventory and selection of two-way radio products offers four specific advantages:

1. Concierge-Level Customer Service

Our customers love it when we tell them that we have the specific part or radio model on-hand and ready to ship the very same day. This unique competitive advantage helps us become heroes to our clients who often need immediate help with a repair, a replacement radio, or an entire system design.

2. Supplier Price Discounts

Because we buy in bulk, our customers receive the benefits of our large inventory. The number one benefit of ordering in large lots is that we get the lowest cost per unit possible – no matter what it is. These discount prices get passed along directly to our customers.

3. Protection from Order Delays

Because we have great relationships with our two-way radio equipment suppliers and a best-in-class inventory control system, we can replenish radio equipment quickly when quantities get low, reducing delays in customer orders, and streamlining our ability to expedite deliveries.

4. Better Promotional Pricing

Because our warehouse shelves are fully stocked, we can regularly offer our customers great price promotions and special discount offers. Many other two-way radio dealers operate on a very thin inventory, forcing them to keep their prices higher.

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