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Discount Two-Way Radio’s Service Department handles every kind of customer request known to the world of two-way radios. The Department is the front line and first point-of-contact for our customers who need assistance diagnosing radio problems, ordering new radio equipment, or expediting repairs.

The single focus of our Service Department is to make our clients happy and solve their two-way radio problem as quickly as possible. There is no issue that is too large or too small, and all service requests are handled immediately. Discount Two-Way Radio’s Service Department is on the frontline delivering concierge quality service to our customers while also acting as the “tip of the spear” for all service-related issues.

On a typical day, the department will field up to 40 calls a day ranging from scheduling radio repairs to helping customers trouble shoot a two-way radio problem. There are no two problems that are alike.

Our customers have come to have great confidence in our Service and Repair Department teams and trust their advice and recommendations. Should our Service Team be unable to resolve the problem over the phone, they have created a simple and efficient system to expedite two-way radio repairs.


The Anatomy of DTWR’s Simple and Fast Repair Process

Discount Two-Way Radio has the simplest and fastest repair process anywhere in the country, and only involves three steps:

  • Fill out and Print our Repair Form.
  • Fill out and Print your FREE Shipping Label.
  • Pack your equipment and give it to a UPS driver.
  • We take care of the rest!

“We take it from there. When a customer sends in their radio’s for repair, first we double check the radios to make sure everything is working correctly. We attach the batteries, inspect the antennas, and run expert diagnostics to determine exactly what is wrong,” commented Service Department Manager, Mario.

The radios go to state-of-the-art repair facilities where factory trained technicians use the latest technology to repair each radio within two days!

Finally, the repaired radios are repackaged and returned to the customer at no cost.

“No matter where you bought it, we can fix it and get it back to you fast. We repair all major brands. We use a simple flat rate pricing, two-day expedited shipping, and provide a 90-day warranty on all radio repairs,” said Mario.

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