If you are the principal of a middle school, the foreman of a construction job, or the senior purchasing agent for a marine transportation firm, you need two-way radio equipment, and finding quality equipment at the best possible price is an important part of your job. We get that. That’s why for more than 22 years, Discount Two-Way Radio has been the leader at providing our 64,000 customers the best available prices for professional-grade two-way radio equipment. How do we do this?


Factory Direct Pricing

Unlike other radio equipment dealers, Discount Two-Way Radio has always leveraged the “factory-direct” pricing model. We have invested countless hours and multiple oversea trips to cultivate our supply chain relationships. Our long-standing vender and manufacturing ties allow us to manage each product through the production process, insisting on high quality assurance for all materials and electronic components, but at the lowest prices possible. We personally handle each product from the very beginning of manufacturing to the very end of same-day shipping to our customers, streamlining the entire process and bringing costs down to the rock bottom. That means if someone is looking for an Intrinsically Safe two-way radioa mobile or base station radio, or even replacement batteries and accessories, Discount Two-Way Radio can typically provide it at prices that are almost 50% below other two-way radio dealers.


No Middlemen

Factory direct purchasing also means there are no middlemen. We don’t work with third party brokers because we know that each additional layer adds additional costs. That’s why we buy our all of our radio equipment directly from the factory. This eliminates the more expensive business models where products pass from the factory to a distributor to a retailer to the customer. Buying directly from Discount Two-Way Radio instead of third-party dealers removes many of the links in the supply chain (and overhead), so our customers not only receive discount prices, they receive factory direct quality and the most advanced radio equipment on the market

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