12 Simple Steps to Increasing Radio Battery Life

After your initial investment in a 2-way radio, you will probably spend more on batteries than anything else. But, 2-way radio batteries are not meant to be “disposable” as some radio sales reps would lead you to believe. In fact, most batteries should last approximately 18 months with proper care. Radios are not razors! If you follow the simple tips in this guide, you wont be tossing old batteries nearly as often.. and you’ll increase the safety and productivity or your staff.

With this guide you’ll get:

12 Steps to greater battery life
Where to store your batteries..and where NOT to.
10 Year Shelf Life batteries – are they right for you?
The biggest mistake users make with Nickel-Cadmium batteries…do you do this?
The biggest battery-charging fire hazard. It’s so common among radio users!