To expedite your repair order so we can get your radios back to you as fast as possible please approve the amount we have your permission to charge for the repairs and enter your payment information on this form. If your radio(s) are under warranty there will be no charge and you do not need to enter payment information.

Finally, please select the Brand and Repair Level of the radio(s) you are sending in, enter the serial number and indicate what problems it is experiencing. You can see which repair level your radio is in on page four of this form. Our repairs are flat rate and there is no charge for shipping so you will always know how much your repair bill will be ahead of time.

Note: We do not repair HAM, CB, Amateur, Family, GMRS/FRS, Marine or Aviation radios. Additionally, we are unable to repair Instrinsically Safe Radios. Please do not send them in.

*All repairs are based on and subject to, parts availability