Get the Most out of Your Two-Way Radio System by Improving Durability

This week’s Two-Way Radio Tip will explore what are
specific features your two-way radio should have to make sure it is tough
enough to survive day-in and day-out use and abuse.

Durability should be one of the most important features you look for when buying professional two-way radios. Just like cell phones, poorly made two-way radios only need to be dropped once to cause irrevocable damage and create big problems for your communications system.

For more than 22 years, Discount Two-Way Radio has provided the toughest RCA professional grade two-way radios anywhere. We understand that in order to improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety in tough industries like education, manufacturing, public safety, construction, and warehousing, you need radios that are durable and reliable. Even if you don’t work in extremely demanding environments, accidents happen every day, and so it’s good to know you have a radio that’s able to withstand some of the bumps and bruises that come with life.

What are the Durability Attributes Your Radio Should Possess?

There are four specific attributes your two-way radios should possess to ensure they will provide you maximum durability and value:

  • Waterproof
  • Dust proof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Battery Performance

Now, let’s look at each of these attributes more closely, and present examples of RCA portable two-way radios that exemplify these qualities.

Is Your Radio Waterproof?

There are just some job locations and scenarios that require radios to be better protected from water intrusion and tough weather conditions. For example, boat marinas, construction sites, and even schools are environments where water can be a problem. If water is a common factor around your job site, don’t risk having your two-way radio ending up soaked and unusable.

Here is an example of a rugged RCA two-way radio that provides excellent protection against water:

RDR3500 DMR Digital Portable Radio

Submersible and Weatherproof! Meeting IP67 certification standards, the RDR3500 radios are completely protected from water. PRODIGI radios are built to withstand being fully submerged in up to 3 feet (1 meter) of water for as long as 30 minutes.

Is Your Radio Dust resistant?

If you work in construction, warehousing, manufacturing, or facilities management, chances are your job comes with its fair share of dust and debris. Overtime, dust and dirt will find a way in those cracks. This can damage the componentry of your radio. If dusty conditions are a part of your daily duties, you need to find a two-way radio that isn’t going to get contaminated by dust exposure.

Here is a great example of an RCA two-way radio that can withstand dust penetration:


Considered one of the most compact and lightweight commercial two-way radios on the market today, this the RDR1520 is perfect for professionals and businesses who require cost-effective and reliable radios that can stand up to dusty environments. In addition to being 100 percent compatible with all other major brands, this radio features a weatherproof design that is seals out dust and adverse weather conditions.

Is Your Two-Way Radio Impact Resistant?

For tough industries like jails and prisons, oil and gas manufacturing, and grain storage, you need radios that doesn’t perform like a China doll when dropped. When working in challenging environments, having a radio that can withstand a number of heavy dings and knocks without breaking is critically important. Conversely, if you’re using a radio that is not durable and built to stand up to these challenges, you may be putting your safety in jeopardy, and even exposing your team to major problems.

Here is an example of an RCA radio that is considered one of the toughest radios in the industry:


The RCA RDR4300 is considered the finest American-made two-way radio on the market today. It will compete head-to-head with any other radio on the market and for nearly half the cost. In addition to using Texas Instruments components, the RCA RDR4300 has a reinforced chassis that is sealed with silicone, and IP67 rating waterproof rating which makes it impervious to water regardless of how long it is submerged.

Watch us put RCA two-way radios through the drop test!

Does Your Two-Way Radio Have a Long-Lasting Battery?

When you think of durable you might not think of battery life, but if a two-way radio can’t hold a charge for a good amount of time it doesn’t matter how durable it is, it will eventually let you down.

RCA’s Digital Portable Radios offer approximately a 40 percent improved battery life over analog radios while also providing better signal strength in specific scenarios.

Call Discount Two-Way Radio today at 800-895-5122 to see how we can help improve your two-way radio durability.

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