ThunderPower 150 – 15 Watts – Up to 600 Yard Range



The ThunderPower-150 is the Most Compact, Rugged, and Powerful Megaphone Available Anywhere!

THUN150 is super compact but packed with 15 watts of power. It is equipped with loud siren and whistle sound options. Also comes with presentation/lapel microphone, adjustable volume control knob and nylon shoulder strap. You will be AMAZED at how much sound comes out of such a light megaphone! Perfect for

This Megaphone Uses 8 AA Batteries


Packed with 15 Watts of power that can be heard up to 600 yards!

Volume: Voice: 98 dB / Siren 112 dB. dB
The most compact ThunderPower megaphone. REAL POWER in a tiny package!

Megaphone Details:

Looking for a megaphone/bullhorn that delivers powerful results but with a small price? The THUN-150 is light and easy-to-carry but made from strong industrial grade plastic bell, chassis, and handle. Simple swing-open battery compartment makes swapping out batteries easy. Quick accessible volume control knob and siren/whistle switch makes sound adjustment right under your thumb.

  • 15 Watts of Power
  • Up to 600 Yard Range
  • Easy pull Piston Trigger Switch
  • Presentation Microphone Included
  • Easy Adjust Volume Control
  • Easy Access Battery Compartment (takes 8AA batteries)
  • 8” length, 10” height, 5” diameter bell
  • Only 2.1 lbs. with Batteries Installed
  • 1 Year Warranty

You will be amazed by how much sound comes out of such a small megaphone! Because of this, the ThunderPower 150 is an absolute hit with small schools, day care facilities and tour groups. It has a high-powered PA sound projection capability allows you to take control of any large crowd and can be heard up to 600 yards away. It is also lightweight and super easy to hold.

CLEAR SOUND & LONG RANGE: Be heard up to 600 yards away with this easy to carry easy to hold megaphone. No cords required to amplify your voice with the THUN-150.

The THUN-150 projects up to 112 decibels of sound.


ERGONOMIC GRIP & LIGHT-WEIGHT: This portable megaphone with siren and whistle guarantees you can be clearly heard in even the largest crowds. Because it weights just a tad over 2 lbs. with 8AA batteries, the THUN-150 is a snap to take with you wherever you go. The soft-touch sound trigger and reinforced nylon web wrist lanyard make this bullhorn an invaluable tool when you need to be heard.

The THUN-150’s compact and lightweight design is easy to hold and perfect for teachers.

FLEXIBLE MULTI-FUNCTION USES:The THUN-150 is the perfect megaphone for teachers, coaches, event organizers, street preachers, tour group organizers, and protest attenders, and comes with a lapel microphone that can be plugged into the megaphone for an additional audio input.

The THUN-150 comes with a lapel mic and separate input for multiple audio possibilities.

DUAL MODES UNDER YOUR THUMB: SIREN & WHISTLE MODE: Elevate your presence by activating an emergency tone OR a whistle tone that can be enabled by a thumb slide switch. Volume control can also be easily adjusted with a thumb operated volume control knob. Get everyone’s attention fast. Be heard loud and clear in any indoor or outdoor venue.

Extraordinarily well made, the THUN-150 comes with volume adjustment knob and whistle/siren option switch.

COMPACT DESIGN:This compact & portable PA speaker features a 5” diameter bell and 8” chassis that delivers a 90-degree sound projection angle for direct sound aiming. The THUN-150 uses a ergonomic pistol grip to make it easy to hold and direct sound through.

The THUN-150 is compact, powerful, and made with quality parts that make it extra durable.

All of our megaphones are tested and certified in the United States so the quality is incredible and we back them by a full 1 year, expedited in-house express warranty so you have complete peace of mind. You will be extremely impressed with your ThunderPower Megaphone!

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