ThunderPower 1200 Megaphone side angle ThunderPower 1200 – 45 Watts – Up to 2000 Yard Range



“The Earthquake Maker”

The THUN1200 megaphone packs 45 Watts of unbelievably loud “ThunderPower” to deliver sound up to 2000 yards. Heavy-duty construction and extended palm mic make this the most durable megaphone made.


45 Watts of pure “ThunderPower” for up to 2000 yards of range for unmatched distance.

Volume: Voice: 112 dB / Siren 122 dB. dB
How loud is that? That’s like a loud rock concert and a shattering clap of thunder!

The THUN-1200 is one of the loudest megaphones on the market.

The THUN-1200 is one of the loudest and best made megaphones anywhere!

We call the THUN-1200 the Earthquake Maker because it can literally clear the streets and rattle the windows! This is not your average megaphone that simply elevates your voice a little. The THUN-1200 is designed for industrial uses like:

The THUN-1200 comes with an auxiliary audio input adapter and vehicle DC power cable.

The THUN1200 has an auxiliary jack so you can easily plug in your MP3 player, microphone or other external audio source and crank up the sound to an “11”. Additionally, it includes a cigarette plug power supply so you can use it from a vehicle without worrying about batteries.

  • 45 Watts of Thundering Power!
  • Up to 2000 yards range
  • Designed for military and crowd control applications.
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Carrying strap
  • Volume Control
  • Auxiliary Input Jack (3.5 mm)
  • Cigarette plug power supply
  • Uses 8 C batteries
  • Dimensions: 18″ length x 12″ diameter bell
  • Weight: 6.00 lb (without batteries) / 7.2 lb (with batteries)
  • 1 year warranty

FLEXIBLE USES: The perfect megaphone for emergency responders, military trainers, protest organizers, or anyone in charge of crowd control.

The THUN-1200 is ideal for addressing or controlling extra large crowds.

VOICE AMPLIFICATION AND PALM MIC: 45 Watts of power can amplify your voice up to 2000 yards, while the heavy-duty shoulder strap and detachable palm mic allows you to aim the 12” bell with pinpoint accuracy.

EMERGENCY SIREN SETTING: The THUN-1200 also has a piercing emergency alert button with adjustable volume control knob.

HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Designed with high-density reinforced plastic, large, adjustable nylon mesh shoulder strap, and extended coiled palm mic cord for easy hand movement.

AUXILARY AUDIO PORT AND CHARGING JACK: Ability to run it off a 12 volt for solar panel charging or car battery charging. An auxiliary audio port allows you to play music through an ipod player or other audio device.

Extra auxiliary audio port allows you to broadcast music or other audio from the THUN-1200.

All of our megaphones are tested and certified in the USA so the quality is incredible and we back them by a full 1 year, expedited in-house express warranty so you have complete peace of mind. You will be extremely impressed with your ThunderPower Megaphone!

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