Why are RCA Two-Way Radio Earpieces and Surveillance Kits So Popular?

One of the most popular audio accessories for 2-way radio users are audio accessories, especially Surveillance Kits. Learn more about which industries could benefit from this unique audio accessory.

While many people think Two-Way Radio Surveillance Kits are only used by law enforcement or security related industries, Discount Two-Way Radio has been providing this important accessory to thousands of professionals working outside the security sector. The real benefit of surveillance kits is they allow conversations to be broadcast in confidentiality through a high-quality earpiece and small mic. This keeps all conversations imperceptible from outside listeners. In addition, because the earpieces are designed for high-quality audio, these systems also work well for loud working environments like factories, mining operations, or drilling rigs.

What Is A Two-Way Radio Surveillance Kit?

At the very heart of two-way radio surveillance kits is the ability to transmit and receive discreetly by connecting an earpiece and microphone to your two-way radio. One example of a superior surveillance kit includes the RCA SK21NWE-X03S , one of the most durable kits on the market, and is perfect for heavy-duty uses like warehouse communications, and night-club security details. Like the RCA model, all two-way radio surveillance systems need three important components to successfully accomplish quiet two-way conversation. These include:

  • The Earpiece
  • Push-to-talk mic
  • Cabling and Plugs

The earpiece can come in many different shapes and sizes, but it is always connected to the radio in order to clearly hear transmitted conversations even when surrounded by noisy environments like factory machines, drilling equipment, or screaming students.

Three Send-and-Receive Technology Options

Another incredibly important part of any two-way surveillance kit is the push-to-talk (PTT) mic. RCA surveillance kits have three options for this send-and-receive technology:

RCA One-Wire Earpiece system.

One Wire Surveillance Kit: This kit uses a single combined microphone and PTT button that clips to our collar and an earpiece that extends from the PTT button.

Two-Wire Speaker Earpiece System

Two Wire Surveillance Kit: This kit includes a combined mic and PTT button that is clipped to your lapel or wrist cuff.

Three Wire Earpiece System

Three Wire Surveillance Kit: This kit uses one wire for the earpiece and a second wire for a microphone, and a third wire for a PTT button that attaches to your cuff.

All RCA surveillance kits use heavy-duty cables and coiled tubes for enhanced durability, comfortability, and reliability. In addition, all RCA professional grade surveillance kits are heavy-duty enough to be IP56 rated, able to withstand water from heavy seas or jet propelled water.

Who Could Benefit from Two-Way Radio Surveillance Kits?

All police officers, FBI agents, and government spies regularly use surveillance kits in their jobs, RCA professional two-way radio surveillance kits are also excellent for anybody whose job requires quiet conversation like librarians, museum staff, and audio engineers. For more than two decades, Discount Two-Way Radio has provided the following industries professional grade RCA two-way radio surveillance kits:

Discount Two-Way Radio is North America’s master distributor for RCA two-way radio products including important two-way radio accessories like surveillance kits and speaker mics. For more than two decades we It’s true that spies, secret service agents and police officers on stakeout all use surveillance kits, which are optimized to allow wireless communications that are so discreet they go pretty much unnoticed.

Discount Two-Way Radio today at 800-895-5122 to see how a two-way radio
surveillance kit could be a great addition to your two-way radio equipment.

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