An RDR2500 handheld 2-way radio sits upright on a wood plank outside a construction zone.

5 Ways to Save on Your Next 2-Way Radio Purchase

Because 2-way radios are essential to your job, they should be the last thing you worry about when it comes to finding quality models at the best available prices. Even so, we’ve heard from plenty of customers who said a) their last radio dealer was making the purchasing process overly complicated with items they didn’t need, or b) they hadn’t realized that that there was a better brand available that could synchronize with the models they already had. That’s why we’re here to set the record straight, and share the best ways you can save on your next 2-way radio purchase.

1. Test Your Batteries

It’s easy to think that when a 2-way radio loses signal strength or charge that it’s due to some faulty part of the unit. In reality, it’s probably just the battery. Test yours first before sending any units in for repair to see if the batteries are the real culprits: swap them out with units that you know still work, and if those radios exhibit the same symptoms, you’ll have your answer. Purchasing new batteries is so much cheaper than the alternative.

2. Buy Holsters

We’ve seen plenty of 2-way radio dealers downplay the importance of holsters with their customers, and the reality is unfortunate: they want their customers to drop their radios, so that they can sell more radio repairs and replacements that are likely overpriced to begin with.

Instead, invest in top-of-the-line holsters and chest packs. Sure, you may need to buy earpieces or other audio accessories to go along with them, but I guarantee that this combination is far cheaper than having to constantly repair and restock damaged units.

3. Check Durability Ratings

True durability shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. RCA’s industrial 2-way radios are perfect for the harshest on-the-job environments. Their IP67 rating and ability to consistently survive falls, water, sand, and normal wear and tear means they can compete with any comparable model on the market, and still cost at least 30 percent less!

4. Purchase Base Stations/Intercoms

If you’re still worried about portable units being dropped, or “growing legs and walking away,” you can save even more money by investing in compact base stations and intercoms. This RCA option offers the same coverage and crystal-clear audio as handheld radios, costs half as much as traditional base stations, and can be easily mounted to a wall or desk to prevent falls or theft. Plus, it only needs A/C power, which means you don’t have to use (or replace) any batteries.

5. Use RadioSync

If you think these RCA options sound great, but you hesitate because you already use a different brand, I have some great news: these 2-way radios can talk with any brand you already have. All they need is a little preprogramming and they’ll offer the same great quality and sound as if they were talking with other RCA models.

Which Radios Do You Need?

Now that you know, what are you waiting for? Our award-winning customer support team is ready to walk you through the process of getting high-quality, industrial radios you need at the best prices to fit your budget. Call us at 888-299-6340 to learn more.

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