RadioSync concept: green arrows point between one RCA 2-way radio and one Motorola, indicating their ability to communicate.

It’s Not an Urban Legend: RCA Radios CAN Talk to Motorola — and Any Other Brand

You may have been under the impression that your current 2-way radios only work with models from the same brand. In reality, as long as those units can pick up the same frequencies, they should be able to talk with each other. So why do people think the opposite is true? And is there any benefit to going brand agnostic? Here’s the real skinny on two-way radios, and what’s best for your business.

Brands Don’t Want Competition

I know you’ll be shocked to read this, but brands don’t want you shopping around. In order to stick with them, the big players in the market want you to believe that using different products from different vendors will only complicate your communications network. And even if you don’t fall for that tactic, they’ll still encourage you to stay with them because they can only service and repair units that they produce, or that take their replacement batteries. So it might make sense to you from a buyer’s perspective that if you can get everything from one place, why bother with another vendor?

Brand Loyalty Should Go Both Ways

The real problem isn’t loyalty to the brand — it’s when the brand isn’t loyal to you. We’ve talked before about the problems that our major competitors have had, whether it’s stringing customers along for months waiting to repair their damaged radios, hiking up rates on new units, or not returning phone calls about product or contract questions. That’s why it really grinds their gears when we tell you how you can purchase available RCA radios for 30 percent less than theirs, that come with the best performance and durability in the industry, and that work with any units you already have.

They’ll be even more frustrated with us when you learn that you can get new two-way radios from us faster than them, despite the semiconductor shortage, at prices still 30 percent under MSRP.

The Only Caveat To Being Brand Agnostic

There’s nothing wrong if you’re using Motorola, Kenwood, or Icom in conjunction with RCA. If you like each brand’s respective performance and durability, and they meet your needs, we won’t twist your arm to buy otherwise. (We will, however, still tell you how awesome RCA is when it comes to lower prices, better signal quality, and military-grade construction.)

The only factor to keep in mind with being brand agnostic is how to get your radios repaired. You may think that you’ll have to juggle shipping them out to their respective manufacturers, but you can actually get them all serviced under one roof at DTWR. Our team can patch up any 2-way radio, offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry, and even cover shipping costs both ways! We won’t even charge to evaluate your units. You only pay for what we fix. That might sound too good to be true, but it’s not a gimmick, and the reason is simple: we do thousands of repairs a year, which means we have thousands of parts on hand that allow us to continue providing exceptional service at a great low price to all of our customers.

Still Worried About That Radio Sync?

We love to talk about how all of our RCA units come with RadioSync technology — but if you need a little help to get started, we’d be happy to show you how to get your units to talk with one another. All you need to do is dial this number and get a conversation going with a member of our award-wining customer service team anytime between 9 AM and 8:30 PM EST: 866-986-2321

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