Discount Two-Way Radio’s Infrastructure Is the Framework Of Superior Customer Experience

End-to-End Infrastructure

While the word “infrastructure” in the two-way radio business usually means repeater systems, that’s not the type of internal infrastructure system that creates excellent service, professional repairs, and reliable deliveries.

From the very inception of the business, DTWR created a business model that ran on pure customer satisfaction and personalized service. For example, one of the greatest back-end systems available anywhere in the two-way radio industry is a system DTWR created called, “Client Diaries.”

What is a Client Diary?

Basically, a client diary is a manicured system that contains copious records and notes about each client and their entire purchase history including product preferences and programing notes for each radio system they have purchased from DTWR. The company started this meticulous system on day one, and the benefits of this are enormous for the company’s more than 60,000 clients, including being able to efficiently integrate new technologies for better customer support, safeguarding valuable information and knowledge base for later reference, and even helping keep DTWR’s employees empowered to achieve peak customer service results.

Real Story About How Infrastructure Created Excellent Customer Experience

Not long ago, DTWR received a call from a client who had the unfortunate experience of having a disgruntled employee erase as many work-related files as possible before he was fired. Nightmare scenario, right? As it turned out, one of the things this renegade employee erased, was all the information on their two-way radio system. The client stated that the radio maintenance was dumped in his lap, and he didn’t know where to begin.

However, because Discount Two-Way Radio had invested millions of dollars into creating detailed Customer Diaries, the account representative overseeing the account was able to quickly look up the client’s history and reassure them that all the information was available to maintain the company’s radios. Even more relieving to the client was that the on-site technicians at Discount Two-Way Radios were able to review what channels and zones were programmed for the client’s old radios. If the situation arose where they might need more equipment or purchase new equipment, everything would be updated with the proper programming information prior to us shipping the order out. The customer’s problem was solved with one phone call.

In fact, he commented to the account representative, “You guys actually have all that information right there? I’m trying to update other information that was erased, not only the radio system files, and you guys are the only company that has that kind of detail on our purchasing history. Thank you so much!!”

While DTWR’s infrastructure is far more robust than just Customer Diaries, this example highlights the importance of understanding customers needs, and being able to quickly resolve them.

Since its founding, DTWR has grown into one of the most dependable RCA radio suppliers in the nation with more back-end support and upfront assistance than anyone in the two-way radio industry.

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