Must-Have Accessories for your Two-Way Radio

When considering a two-way radio purchase, there are some must-have accessories you should think about buying from the get-go. In this way, you avoid an “I really wish I had a…” moment later on. Or worse, you can risk damaging your radio because you don’t have the right protection for the environment it will be used in.

I put together a list of a few of the most useful two-way radio accessories. If you are shopping for two-way radios right now, then you also want to check out the special deal I put together which includes your choice of accessory, at the bottom of the page.

Now, onto the list!


A headset is a must-have accessory if you want to avoid lifting your radio up to your mouth every time you wish to speak. There are several types available, including:

  • Lightweight headset: these pair a light earpiece or two with a PTT button on the cable for convenience.
  • Wireless headset: same as above, but the headset is wireless and connects to your existing radio via a Bluetooth adapter.
  • Surveillance kit: for maximum discretion, this comfortable earpiece and label microphone/PTT button combo are ideal for restaurants, security companies, and trade shows.

Carry Accssories

Different people like different methods to carry their two-way radio around with them. Here are a few popular ones.

  • Belt clips: are a basic accessory item, and fine for most users who can simply hang their two-way radio over a belt or pant waist.
  • Holsters: these protect your radio from bumps and scratches better compared to belt clips, and also make it easier to access your radio.
  • Waterproof radio bag: protect your two-way radio in wet or dirty environments while still being able to transmit and hear with a durable waterproof bag which is flexible enough for you to push the PTT button.

Extra Batteries & Charging Stations

You can never have enough “juice,” so one of the most important accessories for any two-way radio owner is an extra battery or two. We carry a huge selection of extra batteries for most models. Including hi-capacity replacements for the stock ones that come with every radio. A very worthwhile purchase, as you don’t want to be stuck in a hazardous situation with a low battery, which affects your signal.

Another recommended item: a multi-bank charging station (also known as a multi-unit charger) provides a convenient way to charge multiple units and ensure your radios are returned to a central location at the end of each shift. Popular models can charge up to six units at a time.


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