When Your Two-Way Radio Accessories Don’t Work


Are you having problems with your earpiece, headset, speaker mic or other accessories? Cheapie has a solution for you!

Let’s say your accessory is plugged into your two-way radio and for whatever reason, the accessory stopped working. We’ll label this “Accessory #1.” Cheapie suggests you conduct a test; try taking another working accessory you have (earpiece, headset, speaker mic, etc. – we’ll call this “Accessory #2”) and plug it into the radio you used the defective accessory on.

Two outcomes may occur:

1) If Accessory #2 stops working, you may have a bad accessory jack on that specific two-way radio.

2) If Accessory #2 works on that radio, then that confirms Accessory #1 IS defective.

If Accessory #1 does not work, it’s time to get that replaced. If you’re interested in getting a new accessory replacement or have more questions, call our radio experts at 800-895-5122. Cheapie and his compatriots are standing by to help you!

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