Some Folks Think “Radios Are Ancient, Phones Are Better.” Here’s Why They’re Dead Wrong.

When it comes to purchasing Motorola two-way radios, you get a lot of different kinds of customer mindsets. If your teammates’ thoughts were a diary, would any of them sound like this?

Customer Diary #1 – If I lower costs, I look smart.

I’ve heard that we need more radios, but what a joke! That stuff is so ancient compared to mobile phones or Nextels, which make more sense to buy just on price alone.

And the lower the costs, the smarter I look. Win-win.

Phone airtime might be the only issue. It’s a few thousand bucks a month, but I could probably sweep that under the rug by paying for it out of the ops budget, which no one sees anyway.

I suppose it’s possible that some guys on the team will probably end up using their phones more for personal business than the actual job, but who cares? If no one sees it, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Sound familiar? These employees care more about initial costs than they do about long-term benefits. Sure, mobile phones and Nextel devices might seem like a good idea initially. But here are two key areas where they won’t serve you as well as two way radios.

Natural Disasters

Imagine you’re suddenly in an emergency situation that requires immediate action. Will you need to coordinate a response effort across your entire team? If so, how are you planning to do that with a mobile phone?

Not only does this require keeping a level head, but also being able to find the numbers for the people you need to call — and prioritizing who comes first. Then you’re assuming those people actually pick up, let alone have the presence of mind to be aware that you’re calling them.

Lastly, have you ever been in an area where cell towers stopped working, either because of too many calls, or because they became damaged and lost power? If that happens, your only means of communication is gone.

You know what technology doesn’t get overwhelmed? Two-way radios. They’re durable. They sync. They’re loud. Even if some people on your team may not hear exactly what you say the first time, they’ll still realize you’re talking and that they need to move someplace quickly where they can hear you.

Plus, when you mash that push-to-talk button, you know that everyone on the same channel is hearing what you’re saying, so they can coordinate simultaneously as a unified group. No dialing. No prioritizing. No waiting on a phone call.

Radio Durability

Whether you’re courting natural disaster or rolling through your daily routine, you need a means of communication that isn’t going to easily break down. This is another reason that mobile phones are not ideal candidates. All you have to do is head over to YouTube to see endless compilations of folks dropping their phones and watching them shatter.

You know what else is on YouTube but doesn’t do that? Our RCA two-way radios.

They can take a beating. You name it, they’ll survive it. Falling from heights. Getting run over by cars — multiple times. Calling them “military grade” is an understatement.

So what about cost?

Yes, we know that cost is still an important factor for many company budgets, especially after the rollercoaster of a year we’ve been through. We can also help with that.

DTWR offers the most durable and affordable two-way radios in the industry, as well as the fastest radio repair turnaround times. Even if you started with other brands like Motorola, our units will sync with all of them.

So if you want a system that’s cost-effective, durable, and ideal for any emergency, please give us call at 877-401-3659 for a quote.

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