Why RCA 2-Way Radios Are a Great Solution for Campus Security Programs

There is no doubt that 2-way radio technology is an incredibly valuable tool for schools of any size. After all, wireless technology has been a cornerstone component of school district’s emergency planning for decades. Along the way, thousands of schools have turned to Discount Two-Way Radio has provided school districts affordable, reliable, and durable RCA two-way radio equipment since 1997. In fact, there is no better equipment for locating a missing student or immediately informing security of an unauthorized campus breach than two-way radios – whether RCA 2-way radios, Motorola 2-way radios or Icom 2-way radios.

According to a recent article in Campus Safety Magazine, school safety experts Brian Armes and Guy Bliesner explain that they are huge fans of two-way radio technology for all K-12 schools. The two explain that a well-designed two-way radio network can meet both the daily and emergency operational needs of a school and school district.

“Depending on the incident, a large number of people will all need the same information, and delivery of that information is time sensitive. Additionally, these situations are generally very fluid, and changes occur rapidly. Two-way radios allow for a rapid two-way flow of information shared among a large number of people. The use of a one-to-many 2-way radio network will keep everyone involved in the response up to date and working under a common operational picture,” explained Armes.

Do Not Let Your School District Overpay for Two-Way Radios

When compared to other professional radios like Motorola, RCA two-way radios are a much better value. While it is true that two-way radios are important tools for any school district, it is also true that many schools spend way too much money purchasing two-way radio equipment when they do not have to. A recent article in The Messenger newspaper describes how a local sheriff is leading the charge to add two-way radios for 15 schools in Webster County, Iowa and a couple of more for neighboring Calhoun County. According to the article, each radio will cost about $3,000 for a total price of more than $51,000!

Similarly, a school district in Brighton, Colorado purchased 359 two-way radios for more than $600 apiece.

Discount Two-Way Radio is the industry’s leading supplier of professional grade two-way radios and can do it at nearly 30 percent less money than other major brands like Motorola two-way radios, Kenwood radios, and Icom radios. In addition, Discount Two-Way Radio is an approved vendor for most school districts, so not only can we offer your school equipment at a fraction of the price of other brands, we also have a complete assortment of wireless equipment that improve the safety of any school or campus. Plus, we have every possible communication solution your school could use including:

  • Portable two-way radios to make sure your school’s communications and budget requirements are met.
  • Mobile two-way radios that are ideal for anyone who operates security vehicles, work trucks, or school buses.
  • Two-way call boxes to extend safety in remote areas of a school campus
  • Wireless Public Address Systems to deliver “live” announcements through portable, mobile, or base station transmitters.
  • Megaphones that are perfect for when you need to communicate with large crowds, sporting events, or bus stops.

Five Ways RCA Two-Way Radios Can Benefit Any School District

Discount Two-Way Radio is an approved vendor for most school districts across the country and understands that two-way radio technology is great for responding to emergency situations because they can reduce the impact of a potentially dangerous situation, and even help avoid dangerous situations all together. In addition, two-way radios can help school districts accomplish the following:

  • Streamline daily operations of any school
  • Help administrators communicate with multiple parties at one time
  • Improve overall bus safety for kids and drivers
  • Assist in addressing large groups at one time
  • Reduce expenses by not having monthly service fees or data charges

Free Guide for How to Keep Your School Safe with 2-Way Radios

To help you learn more about how two-way radios can help keep your schools safer, we’ve created an informative guide that will help school administrators with answers to questions about radios, two-way radio tips, and product recommendations.

This free guide covers:

  • Why Two-Way Radios are Essential Tools for Schools
  • Desert View Academy Case Study
  • 5 Important Reasons Two-Way Radios are Better Than Cell Phones on Campus
  • Two-Way Radio Recommendations for your Campus
  • Emergency Alert Feature
  • How to Use Your Radios In Emergency Situations
  • Improve School Bus Safety with Two-Way Radios

You can download the guide here:

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