A construction worker in a hardhat uses an RCA RDR2500 two-way radio while standing next to a chain-link fence.

When It Comes to Safety, Construction Workers Choose RCA

Construction workers face some of the most dangerous conditions of any profession, according to Jobsite. One of the best ways to keep them safe is through effective communication. Discount Two-Way Radio is proud of the fact that we’ve been a consistent favorite in the industry for making this happen. Here’s why RCA is the brand of choice for so many workers, and why you should consider these industrial two-way radios for your team.

Accident Prevention and Response

Accident prevention is a big part of construction safety. Case in point: this year’s Construction Safety Week, which took place May 2 – 6, highlighted the importance of helmets with integrated chinstraps and lateral protection, notes The Construction Specifier

Along with prevention, how you respond to an accident when it occurs is also key to workplace safety. RCA two-way radios are designed to address both.

First, RCA radios are thinner than other brands on the market. This makes them easier for construction workers to handle and to secure with holsters. They can also be coupled with earpieces and speaker mics to make them practically hands-free. Even when workers have to hold RCA units, they have improved dexterity in the form of large knobs which are usable even when wearing thick gloves.

Second, if accidents do occur, RCA radios come with a variety of alert features that can be triggered so that nearby team members can respond immediately. This includes when workers fall, or when they become injured and unable to manually call for help.

Third, GPS tracking can be enabled on RCA radios so that managers and supervisors are aware of the locations of their workers at all times. 

Sound, Clarity, and Coverage

When you think of construction, you think of loud working environments. That’s why RCA radios offer the best sound quality on the market for overcoming heavy machinery and competing workplace chatter. Construction workers get crisp, clear audio on every transmission, which means fewer chances of workers needing to repeat themselves or spend time moving to different locations to get their messages through. 

The end results? Fewer unnecessary distractions that contribute to workplace accidents, and improved productivity.

Workers also appreciate just how far away from each other they can be and still hear the other person clearly — whether it’s across a wide outdoor space, or through multiple levels of concrete, steel, and glass.

Battery Use

Construction workers depend on two-way radios that offer at least twelve hours of consistent battery performance. RCA easily surpasses that through the use of its powerful lithium ion batteries. Our standard industrial radios have so much juice that they’re practically an upgrade when compared to other brands on the market. 

In the event that your team needs batteries that will last even longer, we do offer a high-capability upgrade that provides an additional 28 percent power on every charge.

Ensuring Optimal Radio Performance

Although no radio is perfect, RCA sure comes close. That said, it’s important that construction workers take steps to ensure that their two-way radios perform optimally for as long as possible by:

  1. Replacing batteries at the appropriate intervals. Generally speaking, that’s every 12 to 18 months. Otherwise, radio performance starts to degrade.
  2. Using the entire charge on every battery before recharging it. This prevents it from experiencing the “memory effect.”
  3. Never leaving two-way radios turned on in their chargers, whether it’s overnight or to use. This can cook the battery, rendering it ineffective when the unit is finally taken off of the charger.

Need to Place an Order?

Are you looking for new two-way radios to add to your fleet? Unlike other brands that are feeling the burn of backorders due to the supply chain, we have plenty of RCA units in stock that can ship as early as today! Give us a call at 877-401-3659 to speak to one of our award-winning customer service representatives. 

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