Did You Know Discount Two-Way Radio Offers More Than Hand Held Radios?

Discount Two-Way Radio is a national leader in providing simple, understandable, turnkey communications solutions that go beyond hand held two-way radios. We provide a complete symphony of wireless communication equipment for warehouses, educational facilities, construction yards, manufacturing facilities, and other hard-working industries.

Three of our most popular product lines outside of hand held two-way radios include:

  • Megaphones
  • Call boxes
  • Public address systems


Discount Two-Way Radio is the exclusive distributor for ThunderPower megaphones, the most powerful and durable megaphone on the market today. These are well-made, industrial manufactured megaphones designed for universities, sports teams and facilities, armed forces training grounds, and movie and TV sets. In addition to two-way radios, ThunderPower megaphones provide a great way to reinforce your communications system with a powerful voice amplifier. ThunderPower megaphones come in a variety of models to choose from, including these top sellers:

ThunderPower 1200 Megaphone

  • 45 Watts of Power (2,000 yards)
  • Extra Loud and Clear Sound
  • Heavy-Duty Design with Mic and Siren
  • Auxiliary jack for MP3 player, microphone or other external audio
  • Cigarette plug power supply for automobile charging capability

ThunderPower 250 Megaphone

  • 25 Watts of Power (800 yards)
  • Powerful and Clear Sound
  • Durable Design with pistol-trigger switch
  • Lightweight (3.8 lbs.)

ThunderPower 150 Megaphone

  • Ultra Compact Design!
  • 15 Watts of Power (600 yards)
  • Powerful and Clear Sound
  • Compact design includes presentation Mic
  • Lightweight (1.65 lbs.)

Call Boxes

Discount Two-Way Radio has been providing wireless call box technology for clients who need a fast and reliable way to communicate from remote locations to a base-station or two-way radio user. Call Boxes work exceptionally well in locations like parking garages, resorts, or school campuses.

The great thing about installing a Discount Two-Way Radio Call Box is that there is no need to install expensive electrical wiring or trenching. Call Boxes use wireless technology that run on battery power. Just press the button and you will have instant, reliable and effortless communication to an individual or to a team of people with two-way radios.

In addition, these Call Boxes provide the following benefits:

  • Cross-Brand Compatibility – Works with RCA, Motorola, and Vertex two-way radios.
  • Great Sound Quality – Uses RCA’s patented X-Sound+ HD™
  • Commercial Grade Housing – Study box design that is non-corrosive and non-conductive.
  • Two-Year Expedited Warranty – The industry’s longest, no-hassle warranty.

Wireless Public Address Systems

Wireless PA systems work great for park districts, municipalities, day camps, theme parks, fair grounds, stadiums, warehouses, and other locations where announcements need to be made to many people at once via a two-way radio. Like Call Box technology, there is no need for extensive wiring, remodeling, trenching, or installing dedicated phone lines with costly monthly fees.

Our most popular PA Systems is the WPA RP Wireless System which includes the following features:

  • Easy Add-On to your Radio System
  • Installs Virtually Anywhere
  • Improves Communication, Safety/Security and Productivity
  • Accessible from Long Range, up to 2+ mile range
  • Loud, PA Horn Speaker
  • No Trenching, No Wiring – Reduces Installation Costs
  • Can be configured for Multiple Zones
  • 2-year warranty

Contact Discount Two-Way Radio for help with any of your wireless communication needs at 800-895-5122.

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