ThunderPower Is The Perfect Megaphone for Your Football Team

Coaches need to be heard over the explosive atmosphere of practice, the background noise of an outdoor environment, and sometimes in the middle of a team meeting. Whatever the sport, whether it is sailing, rowing, soccer, or other sports where the coach must be heard, a ThunderPower megaphone could make the difference between not just winning and losing, but also between punctuating a lifelong lesson or only hearing muffled words that get erased in the wind.

However, perhaps no other sport in the world more than American football requires athletes to hear their coach clearly from the sideline or other side of the practice field.

A Megaphone as Tough as a Middle Linebacker and Clear as a QB’s Bark

Loud ThunderPower Megaphones

The ThunderPower megaphone is tough, portable and lightweight making it the most popular voice amplification tool favored by football coaches and athletic trainers across the county. This megaphone is perfect for outdoor practices where the coaches and trainers need to be heard across long distances or up close to impart an important concept that might avoid an injury.

In addition, the sound is clear and powerful enough to travel over 700 yards, yet small and lightweight enough to not prevent a coach from jumping into the action in order to physically demonstrate a running play or defensive move.

All of ThunderPower megaphones are tested and certified in the USA so the quality is outstanding, while also backed by a full 1 year, expedited in-house express warranty so you don’t have to worry about missing a snap should you need something fixed.

But, how does it sound?

The ThunderPower megaphone is loud enough to be heard from 700 yards with 15 watts of high efficiency output. The internal digital amplifier and high-performance microphone ensures crystal clear sound and has one of the best Speech Transmission Indexes (STI) of any megaphone on the market.

The ThunderPower Highlight Reel


With 15 watts of power, this megaphone is easy to hear for up to 700 yards.


All ThunderPower megaphones use a digital amplifier microphone to create perfectly clear sound through the throat, neck, and mouth of the megaphone.


Extra strong Polycarbonate shell and wrap-around handle design makes this megaphone extra durable, and capable of lasting several seasons.

Comfortable and Convenient:

Comfortable wrap handle and carrying strap keeps the ThunderPower well-balanced and easy to handle all four quarters long.


Backed by our 1-Year Warranty.

To find out more about ThunderPower megaphones visit our megaphones section on the website or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives at 800-895-5122

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