Did you know that RCA Two-Way Radios Can Reduce Your EMR Safety Score?

If you own
or manage a construction firm, you may not know that using RCA professional
grade two-way radios can reduce your Experience Modification Rating (EMR) while
also improving your chances of winning lucrative government construction
contracts and valuable building assignments.

What Is an EMR Score?

An EMR score is used to price workers’ compensation insurance premiums. An EMR is like a credit score or DMV record, where insurance companies and bonding agencies can use your history as an indication of future risk. In the construction industry, insurance companies use an organization’s EMR to gauge the past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. The bottom line is that a high EMR score can make it very difficult to secure contracts, whereas a low score can greatly improve your chances of winning large contracts.

The EMR score can be even more critical to sub-contractors. For example, many owners must maintain strict EMR standards for pre-qualification processes for all their projects and will only work with contractors and sub-contractors with a low EMR score. In general, an EMR of 1.0 is considered a “safe”. On the other hand, if your EMR climbs above 1.0, your company is considered riskier than most, and you may be prevented from bidding on projects or even have difficulty securing skilled labor.

Using Two-Way Radios to Improve Your EMR Score

Contractors who use RCA professional grade two-way radios often have some of the lowest EMR scores in the industry. Two-way radios keep the whole crew seamlessly connected through instant and reliable communication, which translates into completing the job more efficiently and therefore safer. Insurance executives and risk mitigators agree that by keeping everyone on the same page through reliable, instantaneous, and clear transmissions, accidents and on-the-job injury claims can be greatly reduced.

We Understand the Construction Industry

Discount Two-Way Radio has been the go-to-source for thousands of construction firms across the country looking for RCA two-way radios to improve both productivity and safety. By incorporating a well-designed communications system utilizing two-way radios, every type of construction firm can do a great deal toward keeping their EMR numbers low. Specifically, the following construction professionals can improve efficiency and reduce risks by incorporating professional two-way radio technology:

  • General contractors
  • Residential construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Excavation
  • Surveying
  • Concrete pouring
  • Demolition
  • Renovations
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

Best Selling RCA Two-Way Radios for the Construction Industry

One of the most popular brands of portable two-way radios for construction professionals who want to keep their EMR scores low is the RDR4300 series. These radios are compact, versatile and incredibly cost-effective, while also providing valuable safety features that help keep workers safe. In addition, the RDR4350 radio is completely compatible with any other DMR radio (including Motorola), and it operates in digital, analog, and multi-site trunking modes, delivering clear and loud communication.

In addition to the two-way radios themselves, many risk mitigation experts advise construction professionals to incorporate two-way radio accessories as well to improve functionality and reduce extraneous movement – the driving force behind most accidents. Some of the best accessories for construction firms wanting to reduce their EMR, includes:

Quick Disconnect Adapters

Quick Disconnect Adaptors help to quickly disconnect accessories like microphones, surveillance microphones and earpieces without having to stop and physically remove the radio from your belt. These detachable cables can reduce injury by eliminating the need to look down for your radio.

Accessory Cables

Used in conjunction with the Quick Disconnect adapter, the coiled cord snaps into a speaker mic head for hands-free communication. These cables and hands-free mics help reduce accidents and extend the life of the two-way radio.

Belt Clips

Heavy duty belt clips help secure your two-way radio while working, eliminating the need to constantly hold the radio in your had or inside your pocket, greatly improving safety.

Speaker Mics

Speaker mics make communicating easy and safe by eliminating
the need to constantly reach down and grab your radio with one hand. A quick
push of a button on the mic attached to your body, and you have safe, instant

Surveillance Kits

These kits are especially useful in noisy environments like active construction sites. Genuine RCA two-way radio surveillance kits come with an earpiece that can be heard in even the loudest construction locations, a push-to-talk mic with transparent acoustic tube, and cables and plugs that easily connect with your two-way radio.

Other Ways to Improve your EMR

In addition to using two-way radios and relevant accessories, experts also advise construction companies incorporate these ideas when actively trying to reduce their EMR scores:

Meet with workers regularly to discuss job-site safety.

Safety should never take a rest. A close accident should not be a time to take a deep breath, but rather to recognize how fortunate the company was, and a good opportunity to use the situation as a “learning opportunity.” The most proactive construction companies try and organize a morning stretch gathering and use that time to reinforce key safety messages and practices. Some call this a monthly safety meeting.

Develop a Safety Protocol in the Case of an Accident.

Having a plan in the event of an emergency or accident can greatly improve injury response time and reduce the risk of compounding injuries. All RCA professional two-way radios include several emergency features that can go a long way toward improving the safety of your jobsite.

Develop programs that help workers recover quicker and allowing them to return to the jobsite.

A good return-to-work protocol and plan will assist injured or disabled workers to return to their jobs as soon as they are released by their physicians. Sometimes these plans mean modifying the job responsibilities in order to keep the worker active on the job until they can completely heal.Obviously, these kinds of programs help construction companies save money by reducing the cost of disability claims and eliminating the time and costs associated with hiring new employees.

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