Example of Alpha One from RCA: an APR220 handheld radio is displayed next to three example users, including a school admin officer, a retail worker, and a church leader.

DTWR Spotlight: Alpha One From RCA

When it comes to two-way radios, some users want solutions that are reliable, durable, and cost effective, without having to worry about a bunch of frills or functions that they probably won’t ever use. That’s where handheld models under Alpha One from RCA can serve them best. These business portables are built with two major factors in mind: employee safety and workplace efficiency. Learn more about these exceptional radios to decide if they’re the right fit for your needs.

Alpha One Models

Alpha One from RCA currently includes the APR220 and APR280. For the purposes of this spotlight, we’ll be focusing on the 220.

The APR220 is the standard model with no screen. It provides four watts of transmitting power and comes with a large front speaker for crystal-clear sound quality. It’s also rated IP55, which means it can handle being exposed to water, but should never be submerged.

In terms of use, a lithium-ion battery will allow the APR220 to go at least 14 hours when in digital mode. This ensures that your workers never have to worry about losing touch throughout their shifts.

Speaking of batteries… Did you know that lithium-ion batteries are the best type for your two-way radios? Learn why here, and check out other ways you can extend the lives of yours.

Do you know the difference between analog and digital mode? Most radios these days have gone digital, but that doesn’t mean all networks have completely migrated. Understanding yours will make it easier to know which new radios are compatible — including APR220s!

Finally, it’s worth noting that through the end of 2023 (or while supplies last), all APR220s are 40 percent off! 

Accessories That Pair Well

If your workers need additional accessories to make it easier to use their two-way radios, we have several options in stock! Here are some solutions that complement the APR220.

Speaker Mics: Medium-Duty RCA SM220 or Heavy-Duty RCA SM310.
Surveillance Kit: “Over the Ear” RCA SK12DL.
Headset: RCA HS75NR for high noise reduction.

Radio Pro Tip: Make sure to pair your radios with the appropriate holsters! Ask us about our premium-quality options that can be used with APR220s, or offer compatibility with your current models. They’re a great way to extend the lives of your radios by protecting them against drops, loss, and theft!

What Industries Rely on Alpha One From RCA?

Alpha One comes in handy for a lot of industries, including:

  • Schools
  • Summer Camps
  • Museums
  • On-Site Security
  • Retail Stores
  • Churches
  • Maintenance Departments

Many radio users look at APR220s as a reliable alternative to more expensive models, while still having the peace of mind that comes from RCA’s world-class quality and industry-best warranties.

Would You Like To Place an Order?

Would you like to add the APR220 to your inventory? We’ve still got units available! And don’t forget that you can take advantage of our 40 percent discount! Call us today at (888) 299-6340 to place an order, or ask any additional questions about these powerful handheld radios.

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