How CM & Associates Took Their Two-Way Digital Radio Game to the Next Level

The Customer

CM & Associates is a $250 million full-service Construction Management and General Contracting firm serving New York City and the surrounding Tri-State Area. The company is a dynamic building force with architects, engineers, construction management and landscape architects working on projects that include commercial, residential, institutional, and educational ground up or renovation developments. However, the firm is especially noted for their expertise in high-rise construction. They came to Discount Two-Way Radio when they needed expert advice and top-flight customer service when finding a radio that could produce outstanding clarity throughout thousands of square feet, and sturdy enough to thrive in the demanding conditions of high-rise construction.

The Challenge

According to Bob Barry, Director of Operations for CM & Associates, the company has 10-12 major projects constantly in progress throughout New York City at any given time. Because high-rise construction is an incredibly costly endeavor, instant communication that is reliable and crystal clear is critical. According to Barry, each project typically involves at least 10 – 15 different construction professionals including mechanics, engineers, architects, welders, drivers, foremen, and laborers, with each one working on a different story and each one facing major deadlines and demands. Furthermore, because high-rise construction – especially in the Northeast – can mean working in the harsh elements of wind, rain, snow and ice, the two-way radio system needs to be rugged.

“If the GC needs to talk to the foreman on the ninth floor or the plumber needs to call down to the street level to coordinate materials, we can’t have a radio that doesn’t work all the time, right? We need something rugged and with great reception all the time,” said Barry.

The Solution

Barry contacted Discount Two-Way Radio to help his company step up their two-way radio game. As the nation’s only authorized distributor of RCA radios, Discount Two-Way Radio technology experts immediately recommended the RDR4300 Series. The radios have 5 Watts of power for better distances, operates in both analog and digital, and includes X-Sound HD Enhanced Audio Clarity for commercial grade sound quality. In addition, the radios are rugged enough to be waterproof and able to withstand tough use day-in and day-out.

“The radios we were using before just kept crapping out on us, and they didn’t have the durability. These radios were great. They had much better range and they were much more heavy duty. The folks at Discount Two-Way Radio were great at solving our radio problems and were very easy to work with,” said Barry.

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