How Discount Two-Way Radio Strengthened Radio Communications for 10.5 Million Square Foot Warehouse

Feb 8, 2020 8:34:24 AM

Overview: Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is the largest privately-owned arts-and-crafts retailer in the world with more than 37,500 employees working in 850 locations across 46 states. While the enterprise started out as a simple venture that only provided miniature picture frames, today the retail giant is a complete arts-and-crafts store that provides supplies for all kinds of hobbies including jewelry making, fabrics, floral, wedding supplies, cards and party supplies, baskets, wearable art, home accents, and holiday merchandise. The company manufactures, warehouses, and distributes its immense inventory of craft supplies from a massive warehouse located Oklahoma.

The Challenge:

Wayne Bush is the Maintenance Manager for the entire warehouse and distribution center of Hobby Lobby. He oversees maintaining the equipment that keeps the nearly 900 Hobby Lobby stores running. That means he is coordinating the printing department, the woodshop department, the warehousing and distribution department, etc. He relies on two-way radios to keep the massive warehouse and distribution center running smoothly.

However, when he first took the reins of the Maintenance Manager position, he immediately realized the Motorola radios they were using were too bulky and were not performing well enough for his liking. Further, he felt like the overall customer service from repairs to reorders were not customer centric and overly expensive.

The Solution:

Wayne contacted Discount Two-Way Radio and spoke with one of our expert customer service representatives. They recommended he try the RCA RDR2500 digital radio series because of the radio’s durability, reliability, and affordability. Plus, the radios are compact and lightweight but heavy on strength and performance.

But even more important to Wayne was Discount Two-Way Radio’s superior customer service that included expert repair service, immediate nationwide shipping, and a free annual Tune & Align program. He was completely sold.

The Results:

After seeing how well our RCA RDR2500 radios worked, experiencing our VIP concierge customer service, and recognizing that RCA radios were nearly half the price of his Motorola radios, Wayne completely replaced all of the warehouse radios for RCA.

“The RCA RDR2500 radios are working great. They’re tough and they transmit across this quarter mile long warehouse perfectly. When I took over this department, I knew immediately we needed to replace those Motorola radios we were using because they were falling like flies. They were big and bulky, and they were also about three times more expensive than the RCA radios.”

In addition, Wayne was very impressed when he discovered Discount Two-Way Radio has a robust service and repair department.

“The truth is that I did try to stay with them (Motorola) for a while, but they kept trying to gouge us to the point that their repairs were costing as much as a brand-new radio and that kind of thing. A big part of my job is to find the best deal, and I am very happy with Discount Two-Way Radio. I just tell you guys to quote me a price for radios, we send you a P.O. and then you send them along the next day. Great service,” said Wayne.

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