How Discount Two-Way Radio Helped Equip an Ohio County Jail with an Affordable and Durable Two-Way Radio System

Feb 8, 2020 8:34:24 AM

When you work in the public safety world of security and corrections, having reliable communications tools can make the difference between life and death. The Morrow County Sheriff’s Department and Corrections Staff recently turned to Discount Two-Way Radio and the RCA RDR3500 line of professional two-way radio equipment to improve their ability to communicate instantly and reliably even when steel, glass, and concrete are the mediums that need to be penetrated.

The Overview: Morrow County Correctional Facility

The Morrow County Correctional Facility houses more than 126 felony and misdemeanor male and female prisoners. Throughout its history, the Morrow County Sheriff’s Department has prided itself on the high standards and complete professionalism that is always displayed while managing the Morrow County Correctional Institution. In fact, the facility consistently receives top marks on its jail inspection reports conducted by the Ohio State Department of Rehabilitation’s Bureau of Adult Detention.

The Challenge: Finding Affordable Two-Way Radios that Could Penetrate Concrete and Steel

Like many county jails across the United States, Morrow County Jail was experiencing the stresses of over-crowding caused by state facilities shifting much of the prison population down to the county jails. This changing dynamic mandated the county facility invest in affordable two-way radio equipment for deputies and jail attendants who are responsible for providing food, clothing, medical treatment, security, supervision, and transportation of inmates to state correctional institutions.

In addition, because the jail is constructed with thick concrete walls, shatter-proof glass, and steel doors, the two-way radios needed to be powerful enough to penetrate these surfaces, and durable enough to withstand the tough environment of a county jail.

The Solution: Discount Two-Way Radio’s RDR3500 Professional Radio Equipment

The Morrow County Jail started and ended its search for professional and reliable radio equipment with Discount Two-Way Radio. Our expert two-way radio specialists were able help the jail supervisors with professional two-way radio equipment that would be durable and powerful enough to work in the challenging environment of running a large county jail.

Morrow County officials also required outstanding quality radios at the best possible price, and from an experienced provider who could also provide repair services, programming support, and overall pain free customer service.

The Results: Improved Radio Communications with Great Government Level Pricing

According to Correctional Officer Cpl. Adams McCombs, a fleet of RDR3500 Prodigi™ Series two-way digital radios were deployed throughout the county jail. In addition, the jail ordered the following additional accessories:

  • Single Rapid Charger Packages
  • Genuine RCA Radio Belt Clips
  • Genuine RCA Medium Duty Speaker Mics
  • Nylon Holster with Swivel loop for RCA Genuine Two-Way Radios

According to Cpl. McCombs, these radios provided Deputies and Correctional Officers a compact, lightweight design that was simple to use and extra tough. In addition, Discount Two-Way Radio provided the Morrow County Jail superb customer service that included:

  • Immediate Telephone Support
  • Fastest Repair Turnaround Time in the Nation
  • Free Annual “Tune & Align” Maintenance Program
  • Full Comprehensive Warranty
  • After Sale Platinum Support for Life

“On this job two-way radios are critical. You have to be able to ‘call doors’ in a second to ensure officer safety. I am constantly listening to my officers, constantly monitoring for their safety. If I don’t have a good radio that can travel 20,000 feet through concrete and metal, and one of my officer’s is in trouble, someone could die. It’s that simple.Our RCA radios were affordable, and they work great. But on top of that, the customer support we received was outstanding,” said Cpl. McCombs.

Does your business need reliable and affordable radios that can communicate in tough environments? Give us a call at 800-895-5122.

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