Keeping Your Two-Way Radios Tuned and Aligned Extends the Life and Ensures Reliability

Discount Two-Way Radio is an industry leading provider of critical communications for the construction, education, manufacturing, oil/gas, and public safety industries to name just a few. We also know that your radio communication equipment faces daily abuse from heat, water exposure, and more while working in some of the harshest of conditions. Maintaining your two-way radio equipment is the most cost-effective solution to improve your radio’s performance and lifespan.

Our Exclusive Radio Tune & Align Program

That’s why Discount Two-Way Radio created our free Two-Way Radio Tune & Align Program©. Our exclusive preventative maintenance program is like an oil change for your car. You just send in your radios for a completely free, full diagnostic check once a year to ensure your two-way radios are operating with maximum performance. Our Two-Way Radio Tune & Align program includes the following diagnostic checks:

  • TX (transmit) and RX (receive) alignment and optimization – Minimize unwanted crosstalk and static.
  • Radio Power Adjustment – Maximize for full power and for full coverage.
  • Measure Frequency Deviation – Making the signal crystal clear.
  • Battery Analyze and Condition – Maximize charging capacity.
  • Antenna Jack Check – Tighten and secure jack to circuit board so it won’t come loose.
  • Antenna Check – Inspect for micro-cracks or defects of any kind.
  • Speaker Screen Clean Up – Remove metal particles dust or debris.
  • Accessory Jack Test – Ensure jack is securely attached to the board to prevent it from cracking.

“The program was really beneficial. I didn’t know you guys offered that service, so I wanted to see how the program worked. It was easy, and you guys gave me some really good information about the radios, and what needs to be done to improve the quality of the radios. You guys told me there were some channel and volume switches that were broken on some of the radios and how much it would cost to repair them. The whole thing took only three days,” said Peter Au from Dow Chemicals.

Discount Two-Way Radio exists to provide you with the ultimate customer experience. We have created world-class programs that provide personal concierge two-way radio service. Contact us today at 800-895-5122 to see how you can become part of the Discount Two-Way Radio family and receive VIP member benefits.

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