A two-way radio concierge service includes customized recommendations that meet your specific business needs, demonstrated by a table full of boxed RCA radios and a customer service manager standing beside them.

What Are the Benefits of a Two-Way Radio Concierge Service?

Making a purchase with Discount Two-Way Radio means you can depend on two things: first, that you’ll receive world-class industrial radio equipment at unbeatable prices; and second, you’ll have access to our two-way radio concierge service. What does that mean, exactly? It’s a personalized, full-service experience that offers all of the technical expertise and preventative maintenance you’ll need to maximize the performance and longevity of your radio fleet. Here’s a full list of the benefits that you can expect.

Free Expedited, Nationwide Shipping

When it comes to delivery, we get radios to you faster than anyone else on the market. Other brands may experience supply chain shortages and months-long backorders, but DTWR maintains a consistent stream of inventory. In the rare chance that certain products of ours are not in stock, we’re still able to fulfill those orders in less time than it would take our competitors.


If you’ve purchased from us before, you already know that we primarily promote RCA as the radio brand of choice. Their models cost at least thirty percent less than comparable ones from our competitors. But it’s important to note that just because RCA is cheaper to buy, that doesn’t mean you’re getting cheaper quality. In other words, you’re not purchasing recreational walkie-talkies — you’re getting industrial-grade, professional two-way units. From entry level to intrinsically safe, handhelds to mobile radios, we’ll help you decide which ones are the right fit for your particular work environment, all backed by world-class quality.

Aside from RCA, we also recognize and support specific radio models from other brands that we feel distinguish themselves as reliable alternatives. They include the Icom IP501H and IP501M that both offer push-to-talk over cellular communication. (You can read more about them here.)

No-Hold Phone Support

How often do you get put on hold with customer service for what feels like forever, or you have to navigate a phone tree that can never seem to understand what you’re saying? You won’t encounter either of these from our two-way radio concierge service. DTWR representatives answer the phone on the first ring, giving you immediate attention to thoroughly review your questions, provide you with our radio knowledge, and share instant quotes for the units that you need. All of our representatives are also located in our US-based facility.

Free Tune and Alignment

Radios should be treated like cars, in that they work better for longer when they receive preventative maintenance. Tune and alignment services serve this function, and we offer it for free annually on any single radio in your fleet. All you have to do is mail it to us, and our expert technicians will:

  • Perform a full diagnostic of the unit.
  • Align its TX and RX frequencies.
  • Tune it for maximum power and performance.
  • Test and return it to you in a matter of days — not weeks.

Looking for other ways to improve the lifespans of your current radios? Purchase premium-quality holsters. These act like bulletproof vests for your radios, avoiding plenty of accidental drops and scrapes, not to mention loss or theft.


We offer the longest two-way radio warranties in the nation. This gives you peace of mind for the longevity of your two-way radio investment.

Have radios that need repairing? We offer a flat rate and cover shipping both ways — plus, you only pay for what we fix! Access our convenient repair form here.


The final part of our two-way radio concierge service that’s worth mentioning is our ability to engrave your units so that they’re easier for you to categorize and track. All you need to do is develop the alphabetical/numerical system you want to use, and we’ll apply it to your radios — whether the ones you currently own, or new ones you’re planning to purchase. Our engraving allows for three lines of text with 10 characters per line, including a unique ID number, phone number, department name, or the name of the radio’s user. This is a great way to keep track of your radios, extend their lifespans by encouraging accountability from your users, and deter theft.

Your Two-Way Radio Concierge Service Is a Phone Call Away

Call us at (888) 299-6340 and hear what a difference real radio service, knowledge, and support actually sound like. We’re standing by to answer any questions you have, provide you reasonable quotes for the radios that will meet your budget, and get those units to you faster than anyone else — all with the best quality and value.

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