A numbered two-way radio diagram that includes an RDR2500, an RDR2550, and an RDR2600.

What are the Parts of a Two-Way Radio and Why Are They Important?

As part of this week’s Tuesday Two-Way Radio Tips, we will review the various parts of the RCA RDR2000 Prodigi™ series radio and how these individual parts can be used for various types of professions and industries.

The RCA Prodigi™ Series of digital two-way radios is easy-to-use, durable, and reliable. Regardless of what model you choose, all RCA two-way radios are chock-full of features and options that help make them one of the most popular professional two-way radio in the nation. As part of this week’s Tuesday Tips, we will review the various parts of the RCA RDR2000 Prodigi™ series radio and how these individual parts can be used for various types of professions and industries.

1. Antenna: Genuine RCA antennas are made with sturdy metal and protected with extra durable plastic. They come in either the 3-inch “Stubby” model or the standard 6-inch model. All RCA antennas are attached by semi-precision SMA and coaxial RF connectors. Antennas are responsible for keeping your signal clear while receiving radio waves and turning them into electrical signals.

2. On/off switch and volume control: Genuine RCA two-way radios are some of the most durable radios in the industry. The on/off/volume control knob is activated by turning clockwise. An LED light will blink green and create a short tone indicating the radio successfully powered up. This sturdy knob is also used to increase or decease the speaker volume on the radio.

3. Channel Selector Knob:Turn the knob to select channels 1 through 16. Channels are important for dividing your team into groups who can use their own channel. For instance, in a private hospital, you might make channel 1 an “all call” channel that reaches all groups. You could assign the nursing staff to channel 2, the front desk staff on channel 3, and the maintenance staff on channel 4. Groups might be set up according to location, department, type of work or anything that drives your business.

4. Programmable Buttons: These buttons can be programmed to create shortcuts to radio functions or preset channels/groups. Discount Two Way Radio technicians can pre-program your radio for you as a courtesy service. Programmable button functions are activated by how long the button is pushed. (i.e. Short Press = Press and release quickly; Long press = Press and hold for 1 -3.75 seconds)

5. LCD display: The LCD display shows the radio status, text messages, and menu entries like channel number, remaining batter life, and signal strength indicator. Note: This option is available on the more advanced models of the RCA Prodigi™ Series of digital two-way radios.

6. Radio Keypad: Discount Two-Way Radio’s more advanced RCA Prodigi™ Series also come with a limited or expanded keypad. You can use the alphanumeric keypad to access the radio features, entering subscriber numbers or IDs, and text messages. One of our factory trained technicians will be happy to help pre-program features that make sense to your business.

7. Push-to-talk (PTT) button: The PTT button on the side of the radio has two main functions: – Press and hold down to initiate and call and talk; release the PTT button to listen. The microphone is activated when the PTT button is pressed. The second function is if a call is in progress, the PTT button allows the radio to transmit to the other radios that are part of the call.

8. Accessory Jack: The accessory jack is used to connect RCA audio accessories to the Prodigi™ professional series of two-way radios. Adding such accessories as speaker microphones, surveillance kits, and headsets drastically expand the usability and functionality of two-way radios. RCA professional grade two-way radios are sturdy, and therefore the accessory jack is also protected by a water-resistant cover. In some models a screw is used to fully secure the cover for maximum protection.

9. Microphone: The RCA professional Prodigi™ Series of digital two-way radios has a microphone that is automatically activated when the PTT button is pressed. For best results, RCA recommends that you speak into the mic one to two inches away from your lips.

10. Emergency Alert Button: Most RCA professional two-way radios come with a programmable Emergency Alert feature that is strategically located on the top of the radio for quick and easy access. In the event of an emergency, users can trigger an alarm by pressing this orange button and the RCA two-way radio sends out a voice and/or radio identity to notify specific individuals of an impending emergency. This drastically reduces response times and significantly contributes to a safer environment.

11. Genuine RCA Belt Clip: All RCA digital two-way radios come with a rugged spring-action belt clip that allows you to instantly access your radio. When paired with a remote speaker microphone or other audio accessory, you can conveniently and securely keep the radio clipped to your belt or holster while communicating.

12. Sturdy Belt Clip Anchor Screws: While some two-way radio manufactures use the back of the battery casing to attach the belt clip, RCA Prodigi™ Series of digital two-way radios uses two sturdy screws to secure the clip above the battery. This is a money saving feature because if your clip breaks, you just must replace the clip instead of the more expensive battery.

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