An RDR2500 industrial two-way radio sits upright on a concrete wall outdoors.

DTWR Spotlight: RCA’s RDR2500 Series

If you ask us which two-way radio models are the most popular, we’d immediately tell you that it’s RCA’s RDR2500 series. That’s why it seemed more than appropriate to include them on this week’s radio spotlight, as well as highlight all of the features that make them a consistent favorite among our customers.

Coverage and Clarity

While technically a mid-tier two-way radio, RDR2500 coverage is a step above the rest. When you need units that will connect your workers across wide open space or between steel, concrete, and glass, these radios shine. And that’s before we even get to their crystal-clear audio. RCA’s X-Sound+ HDTM offers exceptional voice quality, which means workers in loud, industrial environments still hear each other intelligibly. In those rare situations where surrounding noise may prove to make transmissions difficult to hear, all radios in the RDR2500 series can be coupled with convenient earpieces or headsets.


RCA radios are designed to take a beating. RDR2500s are no exception. They’re well known for their longevity in any industrial space thanks to their heavy-duty commercial housing that offers vibration and shock resistance.

Radio Tip: Extend the lives of these radios even further by a) incorporating premium-quality holsters that protect them from drops, normal wear and tear, or being stolen; and b) replacing batteries at the appropriate intervals so that you don’t experience any disruptions in service.


A lot of our competitors like to claim that two-way radios only work with models from their own brand. That’s not true. RCA units talk with any two-way radio out there, as long as it operates on the same frequency. That goes for UHF (ultrahigh frequency) or VHF (very high frequency). Customers are excited when they learn this because then they know that if they love RCA (and we know that they will), they don’t have to replace their entire communications network all at once. Instead, they can buy a few radios at a time, on their budget, either to complement the models they already have, or replace ones that are slowly aging out of service. These incremental purchases also apply to our next benefit.

Analog and Digital Options

Whether you’re still operating an analog radio network or you’ve made the switch to digital, RCA has options that are compatible with both. The RDR2500 series offers a mixed mode setting that means that their units communicate with either type of radio. So if you’re on an analog network and you want to gradually upgrade to digital, you can use RCA’s mixed mode as you transition between the two. That’s a lot less money up front, while still maintaining a fully operational network.

Radio Tip: One benefit to going digital is battery performance. On RDR2500s, digital mode lowers power consumption by 40 percent! A standard battery lasts so long that it’s practically an upgrade without the upgrade.

Overall Cost

The RDR2500 is — like the other tiers of radios under the RCA family — a cost-effective option for any business. They’re at least 30 percent less than any comparable model on the market, while offering features and quality that meet (and often exceed) the competition. And our customers appreciate the fact that while our radios are already reasonably priced, we offer options that meet the needs of their budget — including those for cross-brand compatibility and transitioning to digital.

Available Units

Because the RDR2500 series has been a long-time favorite of our customers, they’re also the radios we make sure to have in stock. That’s still the case in spite of supply chain issues.

We’re proud to say that the RDR2500 and RDR2550 are both available for purchase. If you’d like to read additional information about their specs and capabilities, you can either click the model numbers linked above, or ask our customer service representatives who are standing by to answer your questions and help you place your next order.

When you’re ready, give us a call at 888-299-6340.

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