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2-Way Radio Installation Isn’t as Complicated as Some Competitors Claim

We’ve heard radio reps from our competitors try to keep a hold on their business by telling their customers that 2-way radio installation is complicated. Ever hear this one? “You need a local representative because repeaters, trunking systems, wireless PA systems, radio over IP systems, and other radio tech is much too complicated for your team to install.” Here’s why that isn’t true, and why we’d even go as far as to call this a “double whammy” of a lie.

Truth #1: Your Rep Doesn’t Have to Be THAT Local

Let’s start with the fact that your two-way radio rep doesn’t need to be in your immediate area. A good vendor can operate anywhere in the country as long as they include expert tech support, responsive customer service, fast shipping times, and available inventory. So when reps try to persuade you to stay hyper-local, it’s to keep you focused on their business instead of comparing prices with other competitors. This also feeds into the second part of their lie that your radios need additional setup, when in reality…

Truth #2: Your Radios Should Arrive Preprogrammed

Installing your radios should only require one thing: plugging them in. Sure, their systems can be complicated, and they do require skills and expertise in order to set up properly or synchronize with units you already have. But all of that technical work should be performed before you ever receive new equipment. If your dealer is doing their job properly, all you need to do is unbox your new units — and, if they’re battery-powered, charge them. But if one of their reps is telling you that they need to have someone come out and set those units up for you on-site, what that really tells you is that the equipment isn’t ready for use — or worse, they’re trying to nickel and dime your business by requiring a “setup service call.”

Why They Lie

There are a few reasons why some of our competitors have tried this tactic. The big one we’ve already mentioned is that they simply don’t want you shopping around. They may also not understand the systems well enough to set them up before delivery, or they want a reason to charge for an additional “setup service call.”

DTWR’s Promise

We ship these so-called “complicated systems” all over the US every day to oil companies, schools, hospitals, casinos, resorts, utility companies, fire departments, the military, and the federal government. Regardless of the recipient, our customer promise remains the same: that all of our radios are turnkey solutions. Open the box, remove the system, plug it in, and use it — it’s that simple. So the next time you’re in the market for the best radios in the industry, call us and get a quote! Our team will make the process simpler, faster, and far less expensive than anyone else.

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