A two-way radio repair technician tests the circuitry of a handheld model.

Is This Why You’re Putting Off Two-Way Radio Repair?

When something’s broken, you fix it, right? That’s not always the mindset with two-way radio users. We’ve met with plenty who put off getting their radios repaired for a number of reasons. We’re sharing those below in the hopes that, if you’ve felt the same way, you’ll see why radio repair doesn’t have to be difficult. With our help, it could be the easiest decision you ever make. Here’s why companies may put off their two-way radio repair, and how we can overcome them.

Cost Concerns

A big reason is cost, plain and simple. This is because many repair centers will charge you various fees depending on the issues they find with your radios, some of which may be tacked on after you’ve already received a quote. Plus, they may bill you for shipping, with prices high enough to make you wish you’d bought new radios entirely!

At DTWR, we offer a flat rate for radio repair with no hidden fees. We even cover shipping both ways, and only charge you for what we fix.

Convenience Issues

Depending on your other priorities, finding the time to mail out your radios may not be in the cards. You may find it easier to work with the radios you have, and wait to send in repairs once you have “enough” of them out of commission to justify the cost. 

Plus, a lot of radio repair facilities out there can take an unreasonable amount of time — think weeks — to receive, fix, and return your radios to you.

We are faster than your local repair dealer. Our expert technicians can have your radios returned to you in a matter of days, not weeks! In fact, if you’re a new customer, we’ll even repair one of your radios for free, just to show you how good we are!

Perception of Obsolescence

Radios don’t age as fast as other communications equipment, but the market may give the impression that they do. If you have older radios, or even those that only work on analog frequencies, you may think that they simply aren’t worth repairing and that you should just wait to buy new ones. Plus, some repair shops may say that they don’t carry the parts you need to get your legacy units fixed.

Our technicians are fully equipped to repair a wide range of two-way radio models from popular brands, thanks to a surplus of components that we’ve accrued through trade-ins and discounts. Even your older radios can still find a new life, and are likely compatible with newer models.

DIY Attempts

It’s true that you can do some degree of troubleshooting when your radios aren’t working properly. For instance, if they’re suddenly producing a lot of static, or aren’t holding as long of a charge, they probably just need new batteries.

However, anything beyond that basic level of in-house testing is best reserved for expert technicians. Otherwise, you risk doing more harm than good. 

If there’s a way to fix your radios, our team knows how — after all, we’ve been doing it for 27 years.

A Note About Tune and Alignment

In addition to repairs, DTWR also offers a tune and alignment service, which acts as preventative maintenance to extend the lifespans of your two-way radios. We perform the following tests to help you avoid costly repairs and enjoy uninterrupted communication when you need it most.

Do You Need Two-Way Radio Repair?

Don’t let common concerns about fixing your radios hold you back. 

With our convenient repair services, you’ll have quick turnaround times, affordable pricing, and peace of mind knowing that your radios are in good hands. 

Click here to access our free repair form and shipping label, and don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 299-6340 to go over any questions you have.

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