3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Two-Way Radios Instead of Cell Phones

Are you one of the people who believe that cell phones work just as well
as two-way radios in business? Well, here are three specific reasons
two-way radios are a far better communications strategy for businesses
than cell phones.

Immediate Connection to Team Members

Two-way radios provide an instant line of communication for coworkers no matter where they are on the company grounds with the push of a button. There’s no number to look up and dial, and there is no such thing as voicemail.

Better Safety During Emergency Situations

Immediate and reliable communication is critical during an emergency. If one worker encounters a threat, it takes seconds for all others to get the message and come to assist. Two-way radios remove the dangers associated with poor lines of communication. Also, even during widespread emergencies, RCA two-radios still work when cell phone lines become overcrowded and unusable.

Two-Way Radios Are Way More Durable

It’s so common it’s almost a cliché: An expensive cell phone drops, and suddenly the screen looks like a spiderweb! Or how about the phone is exposed to steam from a hot shower, and suddenly the speaker doesn’t work? Both situations are rarely covered by warranty, and both situations typically translate to a totally useless phone. Conversely, RCA two-way radios have the longest warranty in the industry, are rugged enough to be dropped from a several feet with zero impact on performance, and in many cases, they are water resistant!

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