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5 Reasons Why DTWR Is Your Best Source for Two-Way Handheld Radios

If you’ve had difficulty with backorders of two-way handheld radios, you haven’t seen RCA. Thanks to our partnership, Discount Two-Way Radio is proud to boast a full lineup of RCA handheld models that easily compete with other brands, while also being far more affordable and available! Here are the top five (5) reasons why we’re your best option for purchasing these amazing industrial units.

1. RCA’s World-Class Quality

Many of the customers we speak with are surprised when they learn that we promote radios from RCA. They’re often used to two-way radios from our competitors, either because they’ve always bought from those brands, or they’re simply used to name association. But we’ve seen time and again how those opinions quickly changed the moment they gave RCA a try.


They witnessed firsthand how:

  • RCA offers a wide range of models beyond handhelds, including base stations, mobiles, and repeaters.
  • Those models easily go toe-to-toe against (or even outperform) comparable models from competing brands when it comes to quality, coverage, durability, and battery life.
  • RCA radios will work with any units they currently own thanks to RadioSync technology!

For reference, check out the following handheld units.

2. Consistent Stock and Faster Shipping

The COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of radio vendors in a bind due to a sudden disruption of semiconductors and delayed shipping, coupled with high market demand for new units. Yet we experienced little to none of these issues, because RCA didn’t — and because both of us anticipated these disruptions with enough time to make the necessary preparations.

That’s why we’ve maintained consistent stock for in-demand portables like the industry-leading RDR2500. If there are any handhelds we can’t ship immediately, we’re still able to get them to our customers faster than anyone else.

The same goes for two-way radio equipment and accessories. Want the radio equivalent of a bulletproof vest? These holsters are perfect. Need discreet communication? Check out our earpieces and headsets.

And whenever you need replacement batteries (which you should ideally swap out every 12-18 months) we have plenty of options that work with RCA or other brands!

3. Reasonable and Affordable Pricing

The cheapest option isn’t always the best option. For example, walkie-talkies may seem synonymous with two-way radios in design and purpose, and they certainly cost less — but that’s because they’re meant to be used recreationally, without the expectation of long, on-the-job performance in potentially dangerous working conditions. 

When it comes to industrial two-way radios, RCA offers all of the benefits outlined above, and is still consistently the most cost effective.

We’ve seen our competitors raise their prices six (6) times since the pandemic! As for us? Only once. 

Our units continue to cost 30 percent less than the competition, while still maintaining or exceeding exceptional radio performance.

4. Tune and Alignment, Plus Flat-Rate Radio Repair

If you purchase handheld radios from a reliable vendor like us, repairs will be few and far between. We do encourage an annual tune and alignment on all units for the sake of preventative maintenance, so that the majority of the radio issues you may experience will be chalked up to the battery replacement highlighted above. 

That being said, we have seen how some of our competitors will trick their customers into thinking their radio repairs will cost them a specific amount, then add on hidden fees for parts and other services once they’ve diagnosed those issues.

We don’t do that. DTWR charges a flat rate for radio repair. We cover shipping both to and from our full-service repair facility. And we only charge you for what we fix.

Because we promote RCA, does that mean it’s the only brand we’ll repair?

Not at all. You name it, we’ll fix it. And, as of this blog post, if you have any Motorola or Kenwood models, we’ll do you one better: send us three units to repair, only pay for two!

You can also trade in any two-way radios from other brands and get credit toward new RCA units. It’s what allows us to maintain a robust inventory of repair parts for other units of those brands, and pass those savings along to you.

5. Award-Winning Customer Service and Support

When it comes to customer support, we think you should get immediate feedback and assistance with any radio orders, questions, or concerns you may have the moment you dial our number. Our knowledgeable, award-winning radio specialists will answer your calls immediately, without making you work your way through a convoluted phone tree. 

Our motto has always been that “we know radios, so you don’t have to,” and our goal has always been to make sure that you get the best quality radios, at the best prices, in the least amount of time. We’ve seen how RCA is the brand that will allow us to do both of those consistently and effectively.

When you’re ready to place your next order, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888.299.6340. You’ll be glad you did.

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