Fast Repairs Help Johns Hopkins School of Medicine at Onset of COVID-19

When the novel coronavirus started wreaking havoc across the globe, the Facilities Management Department at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine contacted Discount Two-Way Radio to help get the university’s two-way radio communications systems in top notch condition in anticipation of the impending pandemic.

“The Director of Facilities for Johns Hopkins School of Medicine selected Discount Two-Way Radio to repair their radios after a highly selective vendor process,” said Ben Burns, Discount Two-Way Radio CEO and Founder. “We pride ourselves on providing customer’s the fastest repair turn-around time in the industry, but we set a new record after getting the school’s radios back to them in three days,” said Burns.

Making It on the News

The repair feat was large enough that several media outlets across the country picked up the story and published it for others to see. Some of these outlets included:

KAKE-TV - an ABC affiliate in Wichita, KS KOTV-TV - a CBS affiliate in Tulsa, OK
WRCB-TV - an NBC affiliate in Chattanooga, TN KOTV-TV, a CBS affiliate in Tulsa, OK

Keeping Johns Hopkins Running Smoothly

The School of Medicine’s Facilities Management Department is responsible for ensuring the all of the school and medical equipment are safe and are able to support the institution’s mission of providing the best in patient care, education and research in the world. Specifically, the School of Medicine’s Facilities Department operates and maintains the campuses facilities and medical equipment, including everything relating to building and ground operations, electrical services, power plant, and business services. With a campus that covers 140 acres, the most efficient and reliable way to communicate is with two-way radio technology.

“Radios are an important tool for our maintenance department. We rely on them to communicate with our other maintenance team members. I’ve got 38 crew members that are responsible for the entire School of Medicine’s facility which includes 23 separate buildings. Unfortunately, my guys ride the radios pretty hard and put them away wet, but guys did a good job for us,” said Steve Jacobs, Assistant Director of Facilities.

Discount Two-Way Radio uses a state-of-the-art repair facility, factory trained technicians and the latest technology to repair all brands of professional grade two-way radios.

Discount Two-Way Radio CEO Ben Burns explained that truly professional Facilities Managers know that using cell phones is just a ticket to disaster, especially when you’re talking about a critically important facility like Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

“They oversee literally every piece of moving equipment on that campus, and if they need something, especially during these days, they need it right away. Cell phones can’t compete with two-way radios from many perspectives including reach, reliability, functionality, durability, and price,” said Ben Burns, CEO and Founder of Discount Two-Way Radio.

Free Shipping and Expedited Repair Service

According to Burns, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine took advantage of Discount Two-Way Radio’s free shipping policy for all repairs. They shipped them out and they landed in the company’s state-of-the-art repair facility where factory trained technicians used the latest technology to repair the fleet of radios.

“When a customer sends in their radios for repair, first we double check the radios to make sure everything is working correctly. We attach the batteries, inspect the antennas, and run expert diagnostics to determine exactly what’s is wrong with the radios,” said Burns.

After running a complete diagnostic analysis on the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine radios, Discount Two-Way Radio discovered several issues that needed to be repaired.

“Two of the radios were fine, but the others needed some help, including internal components, broken track pads, broken speakers, and broken channel knobs. But we successfully repaired the radios and got them back to school in tip-top condition within just three days. They were ecstatic at how quickly we responded and were very impressed at the caliber of our repair work,” explained Burns.

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