How Discount Two-Way Radio Helped Shift Busy Idaho Truck Stop’s Communications Systems into a Whole New Gear

Overview: Travelers Oasis Plaza

Anyone who has ever traveled across the Pacific Northwest has encountered the infamous Interstate 84. This major asphalt artery runs from Portland, Oregon all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah. It is also the busiest highway in Idaho, winding 276 miles while mirroring the Snake River, and connecting the cities of Boise, Mountain Home, and Twin Falls. Just off the Interstate nestled in-between the towns of Hunt and Hazleton, you will find the Travelers Oasis Truck Plaza.

The Travelers Oasis is a place for weary drivers to grab a bite to eat, catch a little shuteye, and sneak-in a hot shower before continuing their route. Over the years, this popular trucker “oasis” has become one of the most consistent transit stops along the Interstate: always clean, friendly, and well-run. It’s hard to believe that this stop was born out of a two-bay service station nearly 40 years ago. Today it has matured into a major 22,000 square-foot enterprise spread out over nearly half a mile. It includes a food plaza with food court, restaurant, gas station, gift shop, and truck accessory plaza. It is also the hub for an additional truck stop and 24 additional convenience stores.

The Challenge: Radios that Covered More Distance

An operation this busy and diverse requires excellent communication from all corners of its perimeter and from every angle inside its bustling commercial core. According to Jeff Wirth, Operations Manager for the Travelers Oasis, every day there is a beehive of activity with trucks pumping diesel, travelers shopping, and hungry drivers filling the restaurant and food court.

“Every morning there must be a hundred trucks in the parking lot. It’s a real busy location and a real big location,” said Jeff. “As the Operations Manager, I have to be in constant communication so that if something is broken in one of the stores, I can get on it right away, or if there’s a broken refrigerator I am aware of it immediately.”

In addition, to needing to communicate with his entire staff, Jeff also must communicate with managers from every department including store, restaurant, café, general, food, court, marketing, and supply and all from potential distances of more than a half-mile away. Unfortunately, his existing Motorola two-way radios just didn’t pack enough punch to get the job done, and they were constantly breaking. Plus, they were roughly 30 percent more expensive than RCA professional grade two-way radios.

The Solution: RCA RDR4300 Series Radio and Concierge Service

Jeff came to Discount Two-Way Radio to help put his radio system into high-gear. As the nation’s only authorized distributor of RCA radios, Discount Two-Way Radio technology experts immediately recommended the RCA RDR4300 Series digital radio series. Among other things, these radios feature five Watts of power for transmitting over long distances, complete compatibility with all other radios, and up to 40 percent improved battery performance when used in digital mode. Plus, these radios are incredibly durable with components manufactured in the United States, enhanced audio quality, and reinforced case design for day-in and day-out use. In addition, like all our VIP customers, Travelers Oasis Plaza received expedited warranty service and repair on top of these benefits:

  • Best price and most durable radio for any facility manager
  • Immediate Nationwide Shipping
  • Dedicated “No-Hold” telephone support team
  • Free annual “Tune & Align” service once every 12 months

The Results: Radios with More Power and Better Customer Service

Jeff immediately saw an improvement in his ability to communicate with the RCA RDR4300 Series. In addition, he loved the personalized service Discount Two-Way Radio provided.

“These radios are way more powerful than ones I had. Now, I can talk to people all the way to the edge of the perimeter,” said Jeff. “They also work so much better than our other radios. I instantly connect to the right person to get the job done. Discount Two-Way Radio was great to work with, and as a matter of fact, we just ordered more of those radios yesterday.”

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