How Discount Two-Way Radio Helped 100-Year-Old Grain Storage Firm with Expedited Repairs, Cheaper Radios & Superior Service

Overview: Wheeler Brothers Grain Co.

The Wheeler Brothers Grain Company is an independent grain storage company that was founded in 1917 by brothers Frank and William Wheeler. Today, the Wheeler Brothers Grain Co. has 19 grain elevator locations and can store up to 20 million bushels of wheat. In 1985 the two brothers acquired nearly 50 miles of railroad track and established the AT&L Railroad, a 110-car train that hooks up to the Union Pacific Railroad where it will eventually carry the grain cars down to the U.S. Gulf export market. Finally, the company is also an established fertilizer, chemical, feed manufacturer, and seed producer.

The Challenge: Getting Repairs Done on a Timely Basis and Better Pricing

Johnathon Freshly is the Superintendent of The Wheeler Bros. Grain Company, and he relies on his heavy-duty Intrinsically Safe two-way radios to manage every aspect of the large business. From managing the physical operations of the grain plant to monitoring the grain elevators, and coordinating the transportation between trains, trucks, and boats Johnathon is as hands on as it gets, and he relies on his two-way radios for every aspect of his job.

“I use my radio to coordinate the locomotives while our guys are filling up the cars. Then you’ve got the truck side of it as well. The trucks come in at one end and get dispatched to different places. So, I’ve got to communicate what exactly is on the truck load and where they need to unload it and so on. Our radios are really important to us,” said Johnathon.

Improved Service and Repair Times

This kind of full-shift outdoor workload takes it toll on two-way radios, and eventually Johnathon needed to have his radios serviced. However, the turnaround time for his local dealer took forever, and it sometimes cost him thousands of dollars. That’s when he started looking around for a new source of two-way radios that also provided:

  • Radios that were very durable
  • Radios that were more affordable
  • Radios that possessed Intrinsically Safe, Class II, Div 2 features
  • Fast Service and Repair
  • Hands-on Customer Service and Support

  • The Solution: Discount Two-Way Radio VIP Program and RCA RDR4300 IS Radios

    After contacting Discount Two-Way Radio and talking with one of our two-way radio experts, Johnathon found out that our service and repair capabilities far surpassed his local two-way dealer. In addition, we recommended that he replace his Motorola CP200 radios with the more affordable RCA RDR4300 Intrinsically Safe radios. These radios are safe for combustible grain dust, are 100 percent compatible with any Motorola two-way radio, and have 3.5 watts of power along with a three-year warranty. Plus, when we explained our exclusive Five-Point VIP Concierge Two-Way Radio Program, he came over to RCA and started receiving the following benefits:

    1. Best price and most durable radios for the grain, oil, and gas industries

    2. Immediate nationwide shipping

    3. Complete two-way radio concierge service where we will resolve any issue immediately

    4. Dedicated “No-hold” telephone support team

    5. Longest and most comprehensive warranty that fully covers all problems other dealers won’t

    The Results: Much Better Service and Repair Experience, and Superior Tough Radio

    First and foremost, Johnathon explained his new RCA RDR4300 radios have performed equally as well as his Motorola CP200, and at a fraction of the cost.

    Even more comforting for him and the entire crew of rail car workers, grain cart drivers, and equipment operators, is the RCA RDR4300 radios provide complete safety from explosive dust.

    “Any time you get involved with the grain industry you’ve got to watch the dust situation. You’ve got to really watch your electronic devices because they can cause a spark and explosion. That’s why OSHA demands that radios be Class II Div II, and my RCR radios are completely acceptable for that purpose,” said Johnathon.

    However, more than anything, Johnathon and the Wheeler Brothers Grain Company are incredibly happy with Discount Two-Way Radio’s service and repair departments.

    “The price of RCA radios and the service were outstanding. Actually, the service I received from you guys is so much better than the service I received from my local guys that I’ve worked with for years. The repair process was simple, smooth and fast. I just couldn’t be happier. I still have some Motorola CP200s, but any repairs I need to get done on them are expensive and super slow to get done. Discount Two-Way Radio repairs my radios fast, and when I need new radios, you ship them out the next day already pre-programmed,” said Johnathon.

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