How Discount Two-Way Radio Helped Utah’s Federal Buildings Department Find the Best GSA Pricing for Two-Way Radio Equipment

Feb 8, 2020 8:34:24 AM

Overview: Utah’s Federal Buildings General Services Administratio

The Utah Federal Buildings District owns and manages 85 buildings totaling 3 million square feet throughout the State of Utah. This GSA department is responsible for providing tenants quality work environments through design and construction expertise. The federal agency also provides a full range of real estate services including property management, new construction, renovations, and facility repairs.

Two of the State’s most significant GSA-owned and managed buildings include the U.S. Courthouse for the Utah District and the Frank E Moss U.S. Courthouse, both of which are in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Challenge: Finding a Budget Friendly Communication System with Fast, Reliable Service & Repair

David Marshall is the building manager for both the U.S. Courthouse for the Utah District and the Frank E. Moss U.S. Courthouse. Like most facilities managers, he is an unsung hero overseeing a full range of property management responsibilities like tenant services, building operations, overall maintenance, and all building repairs and alterations. He is also responsible for purchasing the buildings’ two-way communications systems at the best possible price, and ensuring the radios reliability for all the U.S. Marshalls, engineers, custodians, and building maintenance professionals in these two courthouses.

The Solution: Discount Two-Way Radio, U.S. Government Approved Vendor and Premier Provider

So, when it came time to purchase new two-way radio equipment for the courthouses, David contacted Discount Two-Way Radio, one of the nation’s first two-way radio providers to obtain GSA and DOD vendor contracts to provide cost-effective two-way radio equipment to thousands federal agencies including fire departments, public works, engineers, and facilities managers across the United States.

We worked closely with David to find professional grade mobile radios and palm microphones, and a fleet of professional portable digital handheld radios, batteries, and antennas for the federal employees working in the courthouses. In addition to helping him design and configure a reliable two-way radio system, Discount Two-Way Radio also programmed all the radios and recorded the radio frequency, programming, and radio models for fast and pain free re-ordering in the future.

The Results: Pain free purchasing process with Concierge Service

David was relieved to find Discount Two-Way Radio, but even more impressed with our large selection of two-way radio equipment at prices that helped him stretch his budget, and delighted with our fully comprehensive warranty program, immediate “no-hold” telephone support, and free expedited nationwide shipping for all repairs regardless of brand or where the radios were purchased.

“Radios are really important for us. Cell phones cannot penetrate the 12 stories we work in and to be honest we have had a lot of issues with cell phones. Discount Two-Way Radio was great to work with. They helped us find radio equipment that worked with the stuff we already had, and they helped me program the equipment. Their pricing was great, so I was able to purchase additional equipment above what I planned. They were also professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with,” said David.

For GSA orders and Government pricing on two-way radios call us at 800-895-5122 or simply fill out the Government RFQ Form

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