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Why Commercial Industries Need an FCC License for 2-Way Radios

It’s unavoidable: all commercial industries need an FCC license for their two-way radios. Even if you find the process difficult, think of it like hunting or fishing — it’s simply following the law. And the good news? We’re authorized to handle those licenses and their renewals on your behalf!

That said, if you’re still curious about why the law requires it, the main reason is…

You’ll Disrupt Someone Else’s Frequencies

You’re probably operating on a specific frequency band due to the environment where you’re using your 2-way radios. But if those same frequencies are assigned to another business in your area that did pay for its license, you’ll risk overlapping communications with them and disrupting operations for both teams. And considering who you might be sharing that space with — for example, emergency services — these disruptions can have significant consequences.

Plus, you’ll likely get reported.

Then You’ll Risk Fines

If the FCC learns about what you’re doing, they’ll typically contact you through a cease-and-desist letter first. Then, if you fail to initiate the process for getting licensed while continuing to compromise those same frequencies, you’ll be fined — pretty heavily, I might add.

Do Licenses Depend on Radio Count?

You may think you don’t need a license because you don’t have “enough radios” to warrant one, but that’s not necessarily true. Most people don’t realize that the license isn’t based on the number of radios they’re using, but the type of profession they’re using them in. So it doesn’t matter if you have three or 100; as long as you’re in one of the industries listed here, you’ll need to get one.

Another misconception? People think that they have to get a license for each radio they buy. Thankfully, it’s just one for your entire inventory.

We’ll Do the Hard Part

If you aren’t already aware, licenses are good for 10 years at a time. (Better than dealing with taxes!) Plus, as we mentioned above, you don’t actually have to engage with the government to get one — we’ll take care of it! Let us know if we can help by dropping us a line at 866-986-2321.

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