ThunderPower Megaphones Get a Starring Role in Hollywood

ThunderPower megaphones are becoming quite the hit around Hollywood television sets and movie locations. Currently, ThunderPower megaphones are being used on television talent competitions, reality TV shows, and as a stage prop.

While it is true that megaphones have always been a valuable tool for directors and assistant directors, today’s megaphones are more powerful, easier to handle, and more durable than the conical-shaped megaphones of the past. You know the image of a director wearing a black beret, sitting in a folding canvas chair holding a heavy-duty megaphone in front of his mouth and yelling, “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Hollywood Producer Robert Koster reinforces the importance megaphones played during his long Hollywood career. He recalls one example in particular when he was shooting a film on Hawaii’s North Shore.

“We were filming in a house on the North Shore, several acres of property. The AD’s (assistant directors) had to operate with bullhorns, hand signals, signal mirrors, anything that could help us communicate. I personally loved the megaphone because the crew could easily hear the command to ‘Roll it!,” said Koster in his memoir Adventures in Hollywood. “When electric bullhorns came onto the scene, the old megaphones became obsolete.”

The fact is, ThunderPower megaphones aere the loudst, most durable, and budget friendly megaphones anywhere, making them a popular addition to movie and television sets across the country.

“Celebrities like to be seen. But when they want to be heard, they use ThunderPower Megaphones,” said Ben Burns, CEO and Founder of Discount Two-Way Radio, the parent company of ThunderPower Megaphones.

The Most Famous Megaphone

Ryan Seacrest uses a ThunderPower megaphone during a recent American Idol audition.

ThunderPower 450 to generate energy among 10,000 American Idol contestants and even leveraged the bullhorn’s powerful 35 watts of power and decibel strength to garner a sing along among the crowd. This scenario also underscored how the ThunderPower megaphone works incredibly well when needing to engage in crowd control.

Fiery celebrity cook Gordon Ramsey also used a ThunderPower megaphone to loudly direct his cooks on “Hell’s Kitchen” while 80’s rocker Cyndi Lauper used one on her show “Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual.”

Our megaphones have helped other celebrities communicate on TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Master Chef,” “Monk,” “Last Comic Standing,” and “Sharknado.”

In addition to Hollywood, the ThunderPower megaphone also gets red-carpet treatment from these important stars as well:

  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Marines
  • U.S. Army
  • NASA
  • Churches
  • Schools

“ThunderPower is the premier megaphone supplier to Hollywood, the military and everyone from the Pop Warner coach to the school principal. ThunderPower has earned a reputation for quality and power,” said Burns.

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