Cupertino Electric Company Chose RCA’s RDR2500 Series Digital Two-Way Radios to Keep Their Clients Fully Charged!

Discount Two-Way Radio (DTWR) has built a 22-year reputation for helping leading companies improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of their two-way radio communications systems at discount prices! As North America’s master distributor of professional grade RCA two-way radios, DTWR was able to assist one of the largest and most respected electrical engineering and construction firms in the nation with durable radios that are backed with premier customer service, and improved communications capabilities.

Read about how Discount Two-Way Radio introduced RCA RDR2500 two-way radios to Cupertino Electric Inc.

The Client:

Cupertino Electric Inc. (CEI) is an electrical engineering and construction firm that is one of the largest specialty contractors in the U.S. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, CEI designs, procures, constructs, installs, commissions and maintains complex electrical systems for commercial clients in a variety of industries, including renewable, utility and data center. In addition, they are noted for creating electrical systems for some of the world’s most well-known structures and world-class locations like the headquarter campuses of Google, eBay, and LinkedIn, and world class destinations as Los Angeles Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles International Airport, and the Oracle Park in San Francisco.

The Challenge:

Bryan Pettit is a General Foreman for CEI’s Construction Division. He is charged with managing multiple crews of up to 200 workers who are responsible for installing conduit raceways, pulling miles of cable, designing circuit switchers and connecting load interrupters. It is not uncommon for he and his crew to be working around 60 kV (6,000 Volts) of electricity. His career and the company’s success require dependable two-way radios to complete his projects on-time, under budget, and injury free.

Also like most General Foremen, Bryan is a stickler when it comes to details, and so he personally spearheaded the role of finding quality two-way radios that could fulfill three criteria:

  • Be able to withstand the daily abuse of working frantic electrical contracting job sites.
  • Provide reliable communication for job efficiency and safety.
  • Be acquired at a good price.

He turned to Discount Two-Way Radio, and has never been disappointed.

“First and foremost, the radios we got are a major labor saver. It’s not uncommon that five different crews will be working on five different floors. So, if a guy needs something, he uses his radio to call a material handler, and say ‘Hey I need a box of 3/8 bolts.’ By expediting materials, we maximize the install rate. You could spend one hour just looking for parts. It adds up. If you’re on a job for a year, and you save three hours a day from running around the job site looking for materials. Just for that one guy, it pays for the entire supply of radios right there,” said Bryan.

Secondly, Bryan explained that he needed two-way radios because it is an OSHA violation to use cell phones when working with electric switching equipment.

“OSHA mandates that cell phones can’t be used for switching. We’re always working around switching equipment, and if someone got hurt because they were using a cell phone, and they conducted an inspection, we would be heavily fined. Plus, cell phones aren’t reliable because the signal drops off all the time whereas with our RCA two-way radios, I know we will always get through,” said Bryan.

The Solution:

After Contacting Discount Two-Way Radio, one of our expert account representatives recommended the RCA RDR2500 digital radio series because of the radio’s durability, reliability, and affordability. He placed a large order radios that included:

  • Genuine RCA RDR2500 Digital Handheld Radio
  • Genuine RCA Handheld Radio Antenna
  • Genuine RCA Handheld Lithium Battery
  • RCA Heavy-Duty Belt Clip
  • Custom Engraving
  • Genuine Six Bank Rapid Charger Package
  • Genuine RCA Speaker Mics

In addition, because DTWR’s factory trained technicians are the best in the industry, we were able to correctly program CEI’s radios exactly the way they needed, and because we have the largest two-way radio selection and inventory in the industry, we were able to ship his order out the same day for next day delivery.

The Results:

With an entire team armed with RCA’s RDR2500 series radios, Cupertino Electric Inc. almost immediately saw increased productivity while experiencing both improved audio quality and customer service. The company continues to rely on DTWR and our RCA RDR2500 series radios to achieve the best results.

“We love our RDR2500 radios. They’re inexpensive, and they work great in a harsh environment. I’ll accidentally drop them on concrete or in a mud puddle and they work great. Plus, they are enormous time savers,” explained Bryan.

However, the thing that Bryan has been most impressed with is Discount Two-Way Radio’s outstanding customer service.

“Look, as far as service is concerned, you guys are the best. I mean incredible.I call you guys up all the time and say I need 100 radios next week. He sends the quote over, we issue a PO, and he drops them in the mail the next day. It’s amazing. Engraved, programed, I don’t know how you pull it off, but you do it. It’s really amazing,” said Bryan.

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