Newest Line of RCA DMR Two-Way Radios Offers Durability, Reliability, and Great Price Point

Discount Two-Way Radio and RCA Communications Systems announced the release of a new line of RCA professional grade two-way radios that combine durability, reliability, ergonomic design, and a money saving price point. The new RDR4200, RDR4250, and RDR4280 radios are specifically designed for heavy-use industries like construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and even oil & gas a great value solution for a best-in-class two-way radio.

This brand-new, dynamic, and versatile radio line was engineered with all of the most important features and design elements that define a top-tier, professional two-way radio.

“The new RDR 4200 two-way radio series was built for reliability and designed with the user in mind. It will undoubtedly prove to be a top seller for years to come. We spent many months developing and testing this new series of professional grade radios. They are really going to be a game changer not only because of the line’s uncompromising quality, design, and performance, but also because the price is nearly 30% less than other leading brands and comparable models,” said Ben Burns, CEO and Founder of Discount Two-Way Radio and RCA Communications Systems.

Combining Functionality, Durability, and Design Boldness

The RDR 4200 series contains rich technical properties surrounded with elegant physical characteristics that are designed to last in even the harshest of industrial environments. To start with, the RCARDR4220, RDR4250, and the RDR4280 all have a high quality, polycarbonate thermoplastic housing that provides an IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof protection. The chassis is made from die-cast aluminum alloy that is also heat and scratch resistant. In addition, the radio’s housing is ergonomically designed for easy holding, even while wearing working gloves. Extra-large and easy to handle volume knobs and push-to-talk buttons makes the RDR4200 series one of the most user-friendly two-way radio on the market today.

In addition, the new RCA radio models include these valuable features as well:

  • Advanced Multi-Mode Functionality-Whether you are using the radio in
    conventional analog mode or digital DMR Tier II mode, the RDR 4200 series will
    meet even the most demanding communication needs and connect your workforce
    efficiently and reliably for an entire shift.
  • Cross Band Compatibility
    Utilizing the ETSI TS 102 361-1, 2,
    and -3 standards, the RDR 4200 series is compatible with all RCA labeled
    two-way radios and any other major brands including Motorola, Hytera, and
    Vertex. Whether you are using the radio in
    conventional analog mode or digital DMR Tier II mode, the RDR 4200 series will
    meet even the most demanding communication needs and connect your workforce
    efficiently and reliably for an entire shift.
  • Advanced Technologic Architecture –The RDR4200 series
    features both RCA’s Prodigi Plus ™ and X-Sound+HD™, advanced technologic architecture to
    improve the usability and functionality of the radio. The Prodigi Plus ™
    provides users an automatic double time slot
    selection that works on any repeater for high traffic systems, while the X-Sound+HD™ creates enhanced
    audio for exceptional voice quality while also eliminating background noise and
    distracting static during transmissions.
  • Improved Communication Range –The RDR4200 series utilizes DMR digital technology providing virtually no deterioration of the transmission quality and thereby increasing the usable coverage area.
  • High Quality Japanese Batteries –The RDR 4200 Series uses top-of-the-line 2300mHh Lithium-Ion batteries that incorporate superior-quality Japanese cells for up to 40% improved battery performance (up to 10 hours) in digital mode.
  • Intrinsically Safe OptionThe RDR 4200 series also comes in an intrinsically safe model for anyone working in hazardous locations where flammable gas, vapors, and combustible dust may be present. This makes the RDR4200 series perfect for industries like oil and gas extraction, chemical and paint manufacturing, refineries, grain operators, and more.

Feature Rich and Versatile

Of course, the RDR4200 series also delivers a truly durable radio that is chalk-full of great technology, but it also comes with beautiful design features like:

Full Color Screen and Keypad – The enhanced RDR4250 and RDR4280 models come with a large, 1.8-inch full color display and highlighted alphanumeric navigation keypad.

Advanced Safety Features – The RDR4200 Series also comes with advanced safety and communications features like Caller ID, Group and Private Call, Radio Check, Radio Monitor, Emergency Down Worker Alert, and Lone Worker Alert, One Touch Access and Emergency Alarms.

State-of-the-Art Upgrades – The RDR4200 Series can leverage additional features for enhanced safety and communications like GPS Location tracking service (requires compatible dispatch console), and advanced 40-bit ARC4 type encryption.

Industry Leading Warranty – Finally the RDR4200 series is backed by an industry leading, hassle-free three-year warranty.

About Discount Two-Way Radio

Discount Two-Way Radio was founded in 1989 and has more than 100,000 loyal customers in the industries of construction, oil & gas extraction, warehousing, education, and manufacturing. They are also the North America’s master distributor for all RCA two-way radio equipment. Mr. Burns is also considered a leading authority of two-way radio communications systems and has authored several articles on the importance of two-way radios for a variety of industry magazines, including: Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine, Facilities Manager Magazine, and Industrial Supply Magazine

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