RDR2750 compact base station

The Desktop Base Station: Ideal for Admin and Those Who Need to Communicate From a Desk

Radio base stations are essential components to a strong communications network. They probably aren’t like the units that come to mind when you conjure up images of two-way radios — those carried around on the belt loops of law enforcement, the military, or construction workers in the field, for instance. Instead, base stations are larger, heavier, and designed to be mounted in fixed locations on tables and walls. If you might think that lack of portability detracts from its use, we’re happy to report that they more than make up for it in other key areas. Here are some of the benefits of adding these to your network.

They Run On AC Power

If you’re used to portable radios, you already know that they run on batteries, and that those batteries need to be recharged on a daily basis.

They also need to be replaced at least every 2 years, although we recommend every 18 months to maintain peak performance. Do you know the signs of a failing battery? They usually include a loss of signal strength, increased static, and noticeably shorter run times between charges.

You don’t have any of these concerns when it comes to base stations, as they run strictly on AC power.

They Don’t “Walk Away”

If you’ve ever had a problem with radios being misplaced, base stations are a safe alternative. Because they’re mounted to a wall or table, they aren’t going to “walk away” unexpectedly with an absent-minded employee. They’re also less likely to be stolen. Who wants to put the effort into unscrewing a heavy radio from the wall?

That’s before we even get to their rock-solid durability. If they did fall, they aren’t going to get damaged — and considering they’re mounted, the chances of that even happening are substantially less compared with portable radios.

A single mounted base station can be operated by several users, which means you don’t have to purchase and assign multiple handheld units. That’s not the only way it saves you revenue, though, because you get…

The Same Coverage For Half The Price

Any hesitancy on purchasing a base station usually revolves around money. It’s true that many of them cost more than portable two-way radios, often due to their size and equipment options. That’s why we’re so excited about the recent additional to the RCA 2-way radio family: the RDR2750. This base station offers the same coverage as portable units, but costs half as much as traditional base stations. That’s huge!

Need Some For Your Team?

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